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Actors: Yogi Babu, Yashika Anandh.


Zombie Movie Review


In the case of Tamil cinema, now that Yogibabu is on the cusp of being able to do, as he is the trending star comedian, movies were seen coming himself as the hero. Already Kolamavu Kokila and Dharmaprabhu movies had received positive applauses. He is been roped in to lead the cast of zombie. Whether the Zombie bet with Yogibabu victorious? Let's see.

Story line

Zombie film is very rare in Tamil cinema. Jayam Ravi starrer Miruthan was the first tamil Zombie film received little fanfare. Miruthan was an horror, thriller, love mixed film.

It is followed by the comedy film Zombie. With Wife cruelty, Mother-in-law torture, Dad torcher Parithabangal Gobi, Sudhakar, and a friend of them all go for a drink.

A fight on the way, escape from there and go to a resort where they all turn into zombies. The rest is how they escaped.


The zombie film has to be some kind of horror. If you opt for comedy that you have to do it properly. But here's a comedy in the name of the koonthal.

In other words, the zombie may have bitten us for watching this movie. Gopi, Sudhakar parithabangal video of us had watched all day, but in this film we have to face hard times. The were advices to select movies carefully inorder to have a long stay on big screen.

Many scenes in the film have no continuation, no logic and no drop, comedy is just that par below...

It is unfair that not even one of those who run away from the house did not inquire. If he sees that Yogibabu will save him, he bites for his part.

Premji getting applause for his copycat music. Yashika and Bijli Ramesh comedy worked for little time, than anyone else.

They're not attacked by zombies, in reality we were the victims.

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