Vettai Naai

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Actors: R. K. Suresh, Ramki, Subiksha

Vettai Naai

Vettai Naai

Actor: RK Suresh
Actress: Subhiksha
Director: Jaisankar
Music: Srikanth Deva
Cinematography: Munish M Eeswaran

Man RK Suresh is living with uncle and aunt in Kodaikanal area. RK Suresh, who works as a servant to Ramki, a benefactor in the same area, has been committing crimes as he says. RK Suresh falls in love after seeing Subhiksha in this situation. Chaser chases and falls in love and at one point marries himself.

After marriage, RK Suresh stops Ramki from going to work. Meanwhile, a gang of victims of RK Suresh and an underling of Ramki are trying to kill him. Did RK Suresh finally listen to his wife Subhiksha? Did RK Suresh escape from the enemy? Is the rest of the story of the film.

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RK Suresh is the protagonist of the story. Engaging in crime in the first half turns out to be a select actor when he realizes his mistakes in the second half even though it seems negative to chase and fall in love with Subhiksha. In the final scenes, he is acting and attracting. Ramki in the role of using RK Suresh for selfishness. Man has proven to be stylishly mixed in appearance and acting.

The role of supporting the story for the heroine Subhiksha. The beauty who has been languishing till the break has become a responsible woman after marrying RK Suresh and has done well. Realizing the nature of the character and acting. Angered by RK Suresh, she thinks her husband is suspicious and shines in acting as a lazy performer during the school season. Other characters like Jyoti Mani, Vijay Karthik and Namo Narayanan have done the job given to them.

Director Jaisankar talks about the situation of those who are slaves to Dada and the situation of men who do not listen to women. Has given all the necessary features to the commercial film. But, the length in the second half may have been reduced. Still may even have bought work between the characters.

Ganesh Chandrasekaran's music has added some strength to the film. He also keeps an eye on the background. Kodaikanal's Mountain Rummy by Munees Eeswaran

Vettai Naai Full Movie Tamilrockers.

A grandfather, a servant working under him. There are so many types of stories in Tamil cinema. This film is one such film. They have tried to impress with love and sentiment without telling a completely rhetorical story.

The story takes place in the Kodaikanal hills. Ramki, who belongs to Dada Range, is the builder of the panchayat there. RK Suresh works as a servant for him. Suresh falls in love with his cousin Subhiksha when he goes to see a girl in a neighboring town. After some many attempts the two get married. After marriage, Subhiksha tries to change her husband's servant Suresh and succeeds after some failures. Ramki is furious with Suresh for leaving him. Also, some members of the Muslim community are trying to assassinate Suresh for killing someone from their community. Another man working with Suresh tries to kill Suresh. The rest of the film is about whether Suresh, who lives in Thirunthi, is killed by them and is living well.

Usually the rhetorical story is set in Chennai, Madurai and Nellai. In this film, director Jaisankar has chosen the mountainous region. But, it is only shown in some scenes. Otherwise that background doesn’t do any great help to the storyline.

RK Suresh is suitable for the role of Adiyal. But, he pushes for acting in order to be cast in sentimental scenes. His acting in love scenes does not fit neatly. At the same time, he naturally shows that passion in the action scenes.

Ramki as a benefactor. Today's fans are not likely to know much about him. Acting has also changed over time. Ramki has acted in this film as he did in the 80s.

The trio expressed natural acting in the film. One is the heroine of the film Subhiksha, the other is Suresh's aunt Rama and the other is Mama Namo Narayanan. Everything about marrying a schoolgirl happens without any resistance. Subhiksha is praised for her performance in trying to change her husband after marriage.

The story track changes after the break. A young Malayalam man who falls in love with Subhiksha while she is in school comes forward to help Suresh knowing that his girlfriend is getting married. The film manages to entertain as well as inform, with the villager whispering that it's a fake love affair.

The cinematographer has tried to capture the reality by showing the home-based areas without showing the beauty of the mountain, despite the hilly terrain background to the story.

The title Hunting Dog is the title given to the protagonist, but then the story begins to revolve around the protagonist. The film stumbles in many places as the scenes are stress-free, the screenplay unsettling.