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Actors: Parvathy Thiruvothu, Roshan Mathew



Siddharth Siva, the director of 'Varthamanam', paints a vivid picture of the turbulent political and social climate of contemporary India, combining not only the present but also history.

The film tells the story of a girl named Faiza Sophia (Parvathi Thiruvoth) who comes from Malabar to do research at a leading university in Delhi. But Faiza, who arrives on campus with high hopes, did not get what he expected from the country's top university.

She is joining the struggle for the rights of the discriminated Dalit student. Aware of what was going on around him, Faiza could not resist discrimination and protests. Soon she joins the circle of friends, which includes Malayalee student union chairman Amal (Roshan Mathew), Tulsa from Uttarakhand and Hibi from Thrissur. When state fascism and minority discrimination pervaded the campus, they did not face the same problems as a group of students.

The film presents the contemporary realities that touch the grassroots of the society through the problems faced by Faiza and his team. The various student groups and events on campus are becoming the epitome of present-day India. The murder of Gauri Lankesh, Kalburgi and Akhlaq all come together in the film.

Director and writer Aryadan Shaukat has been able to present historical events and contemporary issues in a more natural way in the form of seminars and discussions. At the same time, the dramatic nature of the conversations was at times annoying. Audiences may also have some doubts about the language used, including the climax, as the story takes place in Delhi. Characters like Harris Hibi also felt immersed in the story.

Faiza Parvati, the protagonist of the film, was safe in her hands. Roshan has done well as a student union leader. Although small, Faiza's Uppuppa and Sanju Sanichan's character deserve special mention. Siddique, Sudheesh and Sanju Sivaram have played other important roles.

Varthamanam is an accurate political film that has faced opposition, including from the censor board. This is a film that should be seen not only by those who support and oppose the politics of the present, but also by the neutrals who remain silent. The film ultimately raises questions about them as well.

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How important is a movie to your life? The importance you give to the film will vary depending on the story of the film, the way it is presented and the way it interacts with us.

At the same time, what if the same film is presented in a context that is directly and indirectly known in our daily lives? The significance of that film will change again.

As the name suggests, Varthamanam is a film that presents the situation and events in present day India in an excellent manner without exaggerating.

The film stars Parvathy Thiruvoth, Roshan Mathew, Siddique, Sanju Sivaram and Dane Davis in the lead roles. The film is scripted by Aryadan Shaukat and directed by Siddhartha Siva.

The movie was in the news even before its release. The censor had denied the certificate saying that the story of the film was by a Muslim named Aryadan Shaukat and therefore the film was anti-national. The Sangh Parivar activist, who is a member of the censor board, also shared the news on social media.

The film shares with the audience the same politics that angered the Sangh Parivar. The film covers various events taking place in India since 2014. There was a massive protest by Indian universities against the atrocities and atrocities faced by dalits and minorities in the country.

It is against this backdrop that the story of the film takes place. The film brings to the fore the events and issues that the country has discussed and is doing. The film follows the life of Faiza Sophia, a girl who goes to a university in Delhi to do research on freedom fighter Abdul Rahman Sahib.

Prof. Faiza's guide. From the public sword, Faiz meets Amal, the college union chairman, and other friends and becomes their friend.

Faiza later rose to prominence at the national level. The film deals with Rohit Vemula, the ban on banknotes, the massacre in the name of cows, atrocities against Muslims and the murder of journalist Gauri Lankesh.

The film also speaks out against extremist Muslim fundamentalists. The film boldly exposes the needs of the Hindu-Muslim divide in the new era.

The film ends with the audience asking questions out loud at the end of the film. The question is, can you still be silent?

It is doubtful whether any other film has so boldly portrayed what the government and the proponents of the ideology they support are doing in the country to silence the voices that are rising against them.

It is doubtful whether such a film is possible against the censorship regime that faced this film.

Parvathy played the role of Faiza Sophia, a Muslim girl from Kozhikode. The girl who played the role of Tulsa in the film also portrayed her character beautifully.

Roshan Mathew is proving that he is a great actor after every movie. The actor did well as Amal, the union chairman. Siddique, Sanju Sivaram and Dane Davis also graced the roles. The actors and actresses who appear as BVP activists in the film also performed well.

Director Siddhartha Siva has come up with a beautiful portrayal of a film that would have gone to the level of a documentary if it had received a little attention.

Coming to the other elements of the film, Azhagappan is the cameraman and Shamir Mohammad is the editor. Alagappan's camera shows beautiful scenes of his journey through the North Indian villages.

The backbone of the film is the script itself. The narrator has to show his politics and observation accurately. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. But there are still plenty of such images to be had.

It is the duty of every human being to respond in the ways they know, not to remain silent when fascism reaches the kitchen. This is what the news team is doing through the medium of cinema.