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The Priest Malayalam Movie starring Mammootty Manju Warrier Review Rating: The Priest: Father Carmen Benedict is an intelligent and inquisitive priest. One who believes that unraveling the mystery and discovering the truth is in a way God's way. Someone who loves to shed light on the truth hidden in the corridors of darkness. Just like the cases he seeks, there are mysteries that seek him out. 'The Priest' unravels such a mystery that Father Benedict sought.

'The Priest' is a horror mystery thriller written and directed by newcomer Joffin T. Chacko. Father Carmen Benedict arrives to find the real cause of the series of suicides that often take place in the famous Alat family and to bring the truth to light.

In the midst of that investigation, Father Benedict meets an eleven-year-old girl named Ameya Gabriel. Ameya, with her extraordinary character traits, opens up to Father a vast world of mystery. 'The Priest' is the journey of Father Carmen Benedict in search of the answer to the mysteries behind Ameya.

Mammootty, who easily becomes Father Benedict, is the show stealer in 'Priesty'. Father Benedict is completely different from all the films Mammootty has done so far.

Mammootty says in interviews that he still does not hesitate to ask for a chance and that his 'passion' for movies and acting is still driving him. He realizes that he has more characters left to do and find out for himself. That is why Mammootty is always ready for experiments, leaving doors open for new directors and encouraging them

Mammootty's genius covets the directors like a gem that makes it seem as if it is still possible to find precious gems as you dig deeper. It is the responsibility of the director to find the precious gems from the mine. Here, director Joffin makes the most of that task and opportunity.

Baby Monica, who plays the central character in the film, is another actress who gets a hand in the performance. The character of Ameya is safe in the hands of this little girl. When Manju Warrier and Mammootty come face to face, both of them do not disappoint the fans who were waiting to see those talents change. Nikhila Vimal is also doing well throughout the film.

The film has many storylines, twists and suspense that keep the audience on the edge of their seats and terrify them. The punch that Interval presents can be said to be another level. One of the highlights of the making is that when the contextual background music is added, the audience will eagerly start moving with the film. The second half, which tells the story slowly, feels a bit slippery at times, but the making excellence overcomes it all.

Akhil George's cinematography maintains a mysterious character throughout. Background music plays a big role in keeping the audience on the edge of curiosity. Rahul Raj has composed the background music which is full of horror and curiosity. Rahul has also composed the music for the songs in the film. The song 'Nazratin Nattile', which has already gone viral, has a different feel when it is seen on the theater screen.

A visual language similar to Spanish thrillers in color tone and treatment can be seen in this experimental film by Joff. Jofin, who has handcrafted his debut film without a hitch, is also giving hope to the audience. 'Priest' is a movie that should be experienced in the theater itself.

The release of Mammootty starrer 'The Priest' has been postponed.

'The Priest' is a film directed by Joffin D. Sacco and starring Mammootty, Manju Warrier and Nikhila Wimal. Filming for this movie was interrupted by a corona threat. Afterwards, the corona threat subsides and filming begins and is fully completed and ready for release.

It was announced to be released on March 5th and advertising work began. 2 teasers from this movie have been released on the internet so far and have received great response. It is worth mentioning that this is the first time that Mammootty and Manju Warrier have acted together in this film.

The release of the film has been postponed while the promotional work for the film is in full swing. The crew has not yet announced when the next release will be. Theaters have not yet opened abroad, including in Dubai and Oman. The crew was planning to release worldwide at the same time.

Not only have theaters not yet opened in some foreign countries, but the government has not yet given permission for night screenings in Kerala as well. This has been a setback for the crew as the family only comes for night time shows on the weekends.

With all this in mind, 'The Priest' has postponed the release of the film.