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Actors : Kangana Ranaut, Aravindh Swamy



Thalaivi ... Tamil eagerly awaited movie.  Even if the AIADMK loses .. even if the DMK wins .. now both the parties need the image of Jayalalithaa.  That’s why everyone is looking forward to this movie.  Kangana is the title of the film that she acted in with ambition.  The release of the film has been postponed due to Covid.  Though everyone thought that it would be released in OTT .. the film unit is insisting that it should be released as soon as the theaters open.

 Kangana will be seen in the role of Jayalalithaa in the upcoming film based on the life story of the late actress and politician Jayalalithaa.  Typical actor Arvind Swamy is playing the role of MGR while AL Vijay is directing.  Already released posters from the film have raised expectations on the film.  Jayalalithaa has acted in over 140 films in Telugu, Tamil and Kannada.

 The main elements of Jayalalithaa's life are in this movie.  Jayalalithaa will show a total of four stages from the age of sixteen to the age of 60 in the Thalaivi biopic.  The makers plan to release it as soon as the corona is down, ie when the theaters open.  This movie has created huge expectations among the audience with the trailer.  The team has also announced that it will be released on April 23 in the same way.  But with the postponement of the film due to Kovid, different taxes are being heard on the release of Thalaivi.

The government has announced some restrictions as the second wave of the Corona begins to accelerate.  Accordingly, it has issued an order that theaters should operate only with 50% of the audience.  Thus, the release date of the movies released this month is likely to be postponed.  In that sense, the release date of the movie 'Thalaivi' directed by AL Vijay has been postponed.

 The movie 'Thalaivi' directed by AL Vijay is based on the biography of the late Tamil Nadu leader Jayalalithaa.  Kangana Ranaut plays the role of Jayalalithaa in this film.  The trailer of this recently released film caused a stir.  The film stars actor Arvind Sami as MGR.  Aravindsamy's M.G.R.  Bad has made many people split their mouths.  Many people are congratulating Arvind Sami for looking like MGR.

 The crew had planned to release 'Thalaivi' last year as the final stages of the film were completed last year.  But the release date of the film was postponed due to reasons like corona infection and lockdown.  In this case, when the trailer of the film was released recently, the film crew announced the release date of the film as April 23.

 Released in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi, the trailer of the film was well received by the fans.  Similarly, many celebrities who saw the trailer congratulated the film crew.  Controversial director Ram Gopal Varma also praised Kangana's performance in the trailer.  Thus the fans were eagerly awaiting the release date of the film.

 The film crew has announced that the release date of the movie 'Thalaivi' will be postponed as the second wave of Corona has started to accelerate.  Thus the fans are disappointed again.  Similarly, there are reports that some other films to be released this month may be postponed due to the Corona threat.  It is noteworthy that the movie 'Karnan' which was released yesterday despite the threat of Corona and has been receiving an overwhelming response from the fans.