Tamil Movies

Actors: Abarnathi, Tharun Kumar



Production - Ebi Productions
Movement - Ganesh Vinayagan
Music by - Sanath Bhardwaj
Acting - Tharunkumar, Aparnathy
Release Date - 19 March 2021
Time - 1 hour 44 minutes
Rating - 3/5

Storytelling in cinema is like the basis for a film. If the plot is right at times, it will give half the success to the film.

In Tamil cinema, some directors have left the lives of the hill people, their problems and tragedies in some films from time to time.

Some films, such as Kumki and the Western Ghats, have left a lasting impression. In that order this honey film has also come to be a mountain village film.

Tharunkumar is a beekeeper in a small village in the Western Ghats. The father of the heroine Aparnathy from the neighboring village brings honey for health. In that habit, Aparnathy and Tharun become lovers. According to the custom of the village, if the banana bat is torn in half, the two can get married. But, the bat did not tear like that. Therefore, the settlers did not consent to the marriage. However, despite that, Aparnathy also gets married. They also have a daughter. Aparnathy then suffers from severe abdominal pain. Tarun leaves the hill village and comes down to the city to treat his wife. But the ruling class is harassing him. The rest of the story is about whether his wife was treated or whether Aparnathy recovered.

In the mountain village with the catastrophe, the people living as miners of that soil are living with some problems. At the beginning of the film the film taps into the people in power who operate for private companies without giving them real welfare schemes. The film then moves on to the love story and tells the story of the plight of the common man in this community as to how an innocent man wanders to get welfare schemes for him. Director Ganesh Vinayagan has given a realistic account of some of the many problems in the life of an innocent man.

Tharun Kumar, who played the villain in some films, has been promoted as the protagonist in the film. Innocent mountain village man is going to fit in naturally. Good chance for him to play after the break. He offers our sympathy when he wanders through all the hardships that we have to save his wife somehow.

Aparnathy has given the appropriate acting for the respective period whether it is when she is a girlfriend, when she becomes a wife or after she becomes a mother. It is surprising that the young heroine of this period plays such roles. He has realized the story and the importance of his character in the story.

Super Good Lakshman gets prominence among other characters. Tarun Kumar, who came from somewhere, has a place in his mind to help him get the necessary documents. Aruldas plays the role of Devaraj, the father of the heroine Aparnathy, a middleman who tricks people into making money by claiming to serve them. Tharun and  Aparnathy's baby made us cry in some scenes.

Sukumar has captured the beauty of the hill villages in his camera. It is said that the film was shot in the area where the Kurangani fire broke out. The rhetoric comes when you think about how the danger of nature comes in a disaster. Sanath Bhardwaj's background music gives extra strength to the emotional scenes.

When the story comes down from the mountain it starts to stumble a little. A little documentary sense comes from the protagonist wandering around to buy identity cards and showing how hard it is to buy each card. However, in the end, the climax scene is set with some real events that took place in the country will bring tears.