Tamil Movies

Actors: Arya, Sayyesha



Production - Studio Green
Movement - Shakthi Soundarajan
Music - Iman
Acting - Arya, Sayeesha, Mahizh Thirumeni
Release Date - 12 March 2021 (OTT)
Time - 2 hours 15 minutes
Rating - 2.25 / 5

Teddy Tamil Movie Tamilrockers Review

Shakthi Soundarajan has been making a name for himself as a director of fantasy films in Tamil cinema in recent times. Earlier, he had given the pictures "Mruthan, Tik Tik Tik" as such. The dollar question is whether this teddy has given the picture that way.

Fantasy is all about unbelievable images. Fantasy is the act of mixing imagination with something beyond imagination. The film tells the story of a teddy bear (not a ghost) who infiltrates and recovers his body.

There is a lot missing in this film that has given power to the previous films. Not only is it interesting but we have to come up with a feeling to enter the film. He failed to stress it out early on. That is the reason for the continuous decline in interest.

Once a creature comes into a teddy toy we have to melt it a little bit by looking at it as a living toy rather than just thinking of it as a toy. The director left without saying it properly.

Arya is a genius. Able to learn anything instantly. Saisha, who went to college, is kidnapped by a gang, drugged and put into a coma. Saiyasha's life is just a teddy bear. The doll meets Arya and tells her situation. Immediately Arya tries to help that teddy. Teddy tries to find out where Saisha's body is. The story of the film is whether he succeeded in it or not.

Quiet face, little beard, Arya as innocent genius as a mirror. Innocent to look at. But, no matter how many people come, he has the courage to beat. But I don't understand why the director told him to act so stiff throughout the film. There is no other change in Arya’s face in any scene, she acts and speaks the same way. Only in action does he look like a different Arya.

There is no chance for Saiyasha to come in the film, then there is going to be a chance where to act. One scene at the beginning, then four scenes at the end. That’s all that worked for him.

Satish and Karunakaran for comedy in the film. They are going to come as friends to help Arya. The villain of the film is director Mahik Thirumeni. We can never buy in that he is the villain of the film. His face may have shown a little closer.

Iman is disappointing in music. Teddy seems to have a crush on him as to what background to read. I don’t know why the whole film should look so blurry. If the director had told the cinematographer Yuva that it would be appropriate for the story to be like this, he would have corrected it after seeing the film.

As far as I know, this movie is the story of the organ smuggling that has already been told in khaki shirt movies. They have tried to make a difference by including Teddy in it, nothing new. Kids can enjoy watching the movie if they want. It may have been said earlier that this is a film for children.