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Actors: Karthi



Actor: Karthi
Actress: Rashmika Mandana
Director: Bakiyaraj
Director: Bakiyaraj Kannan 
Musician: Yuvan Shankar Raja, Vivek - Mervyn Cinematography: Sathyan Suriyaan

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Napoleon, who becomes the father of Man Karthi, is a giant benefactor. The rowdies who work under him are also loyal to him. Man Karthi grows up in the middle of his father's rowdy crowd before his mother dies at a young age. Karthi, who later studied and worked abroad, dies while Napoleon is on vacation in the city. Karthi, who then heads the rowdy crowd, thinks of guiding them well and raising their livelihood.

Meanwhile, a company is giving trouble to the village farmers by not letting them farm. Karthi uses his rowdy gang to oppose them. What happened next? Did you keep rowdies and save agriculture? Isn't it Is the rest of the story of the film. Man Karthi, who makes a difference from film to film, has come up as a pakka commercial hero in action, romance and dance in this film and has scored. He is bowling enemies in fight scenes.

This is the first live Tamil film for the heroine Rashmika, in which she plays a village girl. Although she is a regular heroine, she is admired for her cute acting. Napoleon, Karthi's father, and his friend Lal have expressed their experience. Yogi Babu and Senrayan come and laugh from time to time.

Director Bakiaraj Kannan, though there are plenty of characters in the film, has handled them effectively. Although the plot is different, if the length of the screenplay had been reduced, the Sultan might still have enjoyed it. Despite being a commercial film, he has added strength to his views on agriculture.

If there’s one biggest strength of the film, it’s Yuvan’s background music. His music is on a different level, especially in fight scenes. The songs in Vivek Mervin’s music are awesome. Sathyan Surya's elegant cinematography reinforces the scenes.

Bhagyaraj Kannan made his directorial debut with the 2014 film 'Remo' starring Sivakarthikeyan. It is now almost five years since the release of his film 'Sultan'. Sathyan has done the cinematography for the film starring Karthi Rashmika Mandana Napoleon Lal Yogibabu Satish, KGF Garuda fame Ramachandra Raju and Yuvan has done the BGM only for this film composed by Vivek-Merlin. You can now view a review of this image.

Sulthan Tamil Full Movie Tamilrockers Storyline:

The film's online is about how the Sultan deals with the carpenters who keep farming and keep the rowdies at bay. Napoleon, who plays Karthi's father in the film, is the leader of a giant rowdy crowd. There are many faithful servants under him. His son Karthi loses his mother at an early age and grows up in the midst of this rowdy crowd. After Napoleon this rowdy gang comes into the hands of Sultan Karthi.

But instead of using them as slaves, Karthi thinks of improving their livelihood by guiding them well. Meanwhile, the corporate company is giving trouble to the village farmers by not letting them farm. Karthi uses her rude gang to fight them. What happened in the end? Did Karthi save agriculture by keeping rowdies? That is the story.

Karthi's performance is also Yuvan's BGM to say that this is a plus for the film. Rowdies to the Farmer is a different storyline. Rashmika, who has been seen only in Telugu dub films till date, was seen in a live Tamil film a little fresh. The action scenes of the film are OK,

Though it is a commercial film the ideas about agriculture in the film are a little strong. Yogi Babu, Senrayan Comedy Aanganke makes us laugh. It is a little sad that the KGF film villain was introduced in Tamil cinema through this film but was not greatly intimidated.

There is no great significance to any character other than Karthi’s character. The character of the heroine is as usual. The first half is about the second half, the film is very long. Easy-to-predict sequential scenes, Seeing many places in the screenplay was like watching Balayya action films in Telugu.

Karthi's films have been a huge failure in recent times. The prisoner film was handed over after the Dev film failed miserably. But, the next brother movie failed miserably. In that sense this Sultan movie is OK when compared to the Dev, Thampi movie but it doesn’t even stand the page for the prisoner movie.

Information about the censor of the upcoming film 'Sultan' starring Karthi has been announced.

Remo director Bakiyaraj Kannan is currently directing 'Sultan'. The film stars Rashmika Mandanna opposite Karthik. Action Mass Masala is an entertaining film starring Ramachandra Raju, Lal Paul, Napoleon and Yogi Babu in important supporting roles.

The film is produced by Dream Warrior Pictures on a huge budget. It has also been announced that the movie Sultan will be released on April 2.

The trailer has been released recently and has been well received by the fans. The background music for the film is composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja and the music for the songs is composed by Vivek-Mervin. In this case, the film crew has officially announced that the film 'Sultan' has got U / A certificate in the sensor.

Sulthan Tamil Full Movie Tamilrockers

Sultan is a movie directed by director of Remo movie and starring Karthi in the lead. Produced by Dream Warrior Pictures, the film stars Rashmika Mandhana opposite Karthik. Vivek-Mervin composed the music for the film, which is being made on a huge budget. Also Yogibabu and KGF villain Ramchandra Raju are in the lead roles.

Commenting on the film, Bakiyarraj Kannan said: This is the point of the Mahabharata Krishna Kauravas page Ninna. The whole story cannot be told right now. Look at the picture, you will have that surprise. The world without water is the same as the world without water. The film is the story of a man who comes forward for relationships.

The thrilling screenplay will be a commercial film that mixes love and comedy in a balanced way. Celebrate Rashmika in Telugu. Ana would be as simple as the housewife next door. The acting is awkward. The film stars Karthi and Rashmika in a colorful role. Karthi, Yogibabu Comedy Alliance Stay tuned. KGF villain Ramchandra Raju has been intimidated. It would be scary even to simply look at him, that amount of man is behind the acting.

The music of Vivek Mervyn is the biggest strength to the film. We put together a huge crowd and filmed on a huge budget. The Sultan will tell you how bad the relations that depended on him were. It will be a movie that Jalia can watch with her family and everyone will love it. We are completely satisfied that the film is beautiful. We are just waiting for the praise of the fans. The movie "Sultan" will be released in theaters around the world on April 2.

Sulthan Tamil Movie Tamilrockers

The desire that the gun should never be rowdy. But, in childbirth he dies and a son is born. That child is Karthi. He is raised by rowdies.

Karthik, who works as a robotics engineer, wants none of them to be rowdy. At that time the rowdies encounter starts in Chennai. Karthi tries to save the rowdies who were with her father. Then the promise that Dad made is revealed. The truth of the matter is whether Karthi saved the rowdies from encounter.

Director Bakiaraj Kannan has come up with a good commercial story. The protagonist of the story is Karthi as Sultan. He carries the whole story of love, emotion and action on his shoulders. Dad’s promise is that he has done better with his acting on the right field as he aggressively clashes with the villains. Rashmika Mandana as the heroine. The first film in Tamil. Although the main character for the story, the acting doesn’t do much work. In many places, his facial expressions have been displayed with great emphasis.

Napoleon as Karthi's father. It doesn't come to mind as a minor character. Lal as his co-worker. After Karthik, he is the main character in this film. Realizing his character he has given a wonderful performance. But, his dubbing may have been slightly corrected. In some places he did not understand what was being said. The highlight of the film is the large rowdy crowd after that. While not a groundbreaking contribution to the genre, it impresses with its straightforward tough-guy style. Some may mention the villainous Arjay, the fighting Kamaraj, and the deaf Senarayan.

Yogi Babu in the role of a driving lorry. Laughter can be heard in theaters for some counter verses. But, as if his character had been stripped at one point. Satish is coming from abroad with Karthi. Only 2 shots. Also missing him.

The role of cinematography is more in the story of the landscape, the cast. Sathyan Suriyaan has brought the grandeur of the film to the cinematography. Notably, the cinematography of the climax fight scene is fantastic. The songs in Vivek-Mervyn's music are in tune with the story. The song and the way it was filmed is amazing to see anyone so beautiful. Yuvan composed the background music for the film. Has done in a hurry. However, it can be said that he has realized the grandeur of the scenes through his music.

Although the domain of this film is new, the scenes that come in the screenplay setting are reminiscent of many films. In which the problems of the peasants, it is a little boring as verses to present. The problems that come to Karthik, going to the city with the rowdies, the scenes where Rashmika plays the character, the villain who is inside the rowdies crowd, the first half give the satisfaction of seeing a good commercial film as a break with the dirty fight scene.

Vibration that was in the first half, missing in the second half. The rest of the characters all go head over heels from time to time as it is written with emphasis only on the whole hero. It would have been an even more admirable film if the second half had been more focused.

In the second half, Karthi's plan to save the rowdies in the encounter, the way he takes over agriculture, the scenes move as a corporate villain. There is nothing new in that. These are the sour scenes that are usually seen in Tamil cinema. A fight scene coming up in the second half is only kept for the heroine to watch. There is no need for a story.

All in all, 'Sulthan' is a movie that can be watched sitting on the AC in the theater this summer. Definitely worth enjoying if you go without any expectations. They will come out sad if they go as innovators.