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Actors: Siddharth, GV Prakash Kumar, Lijomol Jose, Kashmira

Sivappu Manjal Pachai

Sivappu Manjal Pachai Movie Review

Sivappu Manjal Pachai movie that emotionally tells the plight of a woman who is distributed by the feud between GV and Siddharth as GV was Siddharth's brother in law . GV Prakash, who lost his father and mother, living with his sister Raji (Lijomol Jose), is the only support. GV's everything is his  sister. He  looks after his sister from the place of father, though he is a brother. Likewise for his sister, her brother is the world. As a mother and father, she looks after him.

Bike racing is the next favorite thing for GV Prakash. He rode his bike around the city with local guys. One day while going to the bike race in Chennai's Peak Hour, GV chases the traffic SI. Siddharth. In addition to dressing up GV with girls nighty and  pulls him on the street. Siddharth uploads this video on youtube. Thus, GV, angry at Siddharth, vows to somehow take revenge on him. And that's just the twist.

Sidharth comes to visit GV's sister. The two of them, liked each other and the love mood starts with a duet. The GV was unable to tell the incident to his sister. So GV is trying to prevent this marriage. But when nothing works, Lijo mol finally grabs Sidharth's hand.

The sister-brother relationship is ruined by the controversy. Uncle and Machan clash like arch rivals. There is the loved sister who is in the dark. The rest of the film is the fight between the three of them and the passionate struggle. The film directed by Sasi, next to the Pichaikaran is Sivappu Manjal Pachai. If you think that you are going to get a lesson about some of the traffic rules, thats absolutely not the film was about. Its an emotional drama of a family, then you have to hide from human emotions.

After many years, the film - with  Brother, Sister, Brother in law, relationship. This affectionate film is able to combine emotions with the passion. Sasi has a lot of interesting things to do in the same movie like Brother Sister affection, Maman - machan fight, bike race, two different romances, police action, rouge villain. He has set up a good screenplay, moving the story beautifully without the battle of the audience.


Fiance's phone number saved as 'My Control Room', on phone. GV Prakash's GF walking style There are many things to enjoy in the film. Especially that aunt character is so super. May be clapping. Sasi also scores in the verses such as 'love is the power of 'men over women',. He taps the thinking button by conveying the feeling that when women wear men's clothes, as well as the attitude that men wear women cloth is a shame.

The emotions in the movie are superb. Although there is a lot of emotion, not exceeding the amount of emotion can be seen without shedding tears. The director tastes like a gritty ghee roast, without overpowering the emotions. But in the end, the bike race, the weight villainous ends up being comedy. In each scene, there is a fight between Siddharth, GV and Lijomol. Who's competing as a scorer. Finally Sizzy Lijimol gets more. Superb return to Tamil cinema from Malayalam Lijomol, seen in the film Maheshinde Pradikaram, has scored astonishingly high. Siddharth has been mixed as a polite police officer, a loving husband, a mature lover, and a masquerading uncle. GV has also scored as a passionate brother, angry teenager, bike racer, and a charming lover. Kashmira, who is paired with him, is also super.

Aunt's character is the one that attracts them most. She keeps laughing and crying in small dials. Madhusudhanan is the common enemy created for Siddharth and GV to join the climax. His character has realized and done better. The music is just as tempting as the background music. Prasanna Kumar's video taped emojis are beautiful and the bike racing is exciting. Editor Chan Lokesh has made the film interesting, with all the other places except the climax. Pictures come from the period of the Pamanalar, with brother - sister, mother - son sentiment, sister - brother affection, Maman - machan relationship.

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