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Actors: Karunas, Samuthirakani, Sunilakshmi


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Acting - Karunas, Samuthirakani, Sunilakshmi
Production - Uday Productions
Movement - Manimaran
Music - Robert Charity
Release Date - 26 February 2021
Time - 2 hours 5 minutes
Rating - 2.5 / 5

Sangathalaivan Movie Tamilrockers 

It has been a long time since there have been political stories in Tamil cinema that openly tell the story. It is safe to say that this film was given as an indirect propaganda image of a particular party.

They have chosen a title that is relevant to the story of the film. From that it becomes clear what kind of film the film is before watching the film.

Karunas, the loom driver, says that he has his own job and the loyalty he shows to the boss of the loom company he works for. A woman she works with loses her hand when she gets stuck in a machine. Karunas understands that the boss Marimuthu is cheating the woman without paying a fair amount. So, he tells Samuthirakani, the president of the Power Loom Workers Union, what happened. He buys the right amount of compensation for the woman affected by his attempt. Thus, little by little Karunas begins to work for the association with an attraction to the association. Workers are fighting to get bonuses and pay rises. Then come many problems. Karunas is responsible for leading the struggle to get Samuthirakani to jail. What happens next is the rest of the story of the film.

The story moves up to the director Manimaran break with realistic scenes. The love between Karunas and Chunu Lakshmi is an emotional film that moves like Karunas' family problem, affection for the woman he works with. After that the screenplay track changes as the association returns to its path. The unions turn out to be a film about power loom bosses. The film fails to impress the average viewer as their issues and struggles move on and slide back before the climax and the results are cinematic.

Saying that revenge killing is the solution to a murder has already turned this film into a revenge film that has been watched many times. The post-break film is likely to catch on if the club people want it, not the average fan. They have taken the picture for the whole association as it has been named as the leader of the association.

The protagonist of the film is Karunas. This film is a film that has given him a complete opportunity to act more than any other film in which he has acted as a hero before. Understanding that, he too has acted very naturally. He is so loyal to the boss in the beginning. Is affectionate towards fellow female workers. Sunu tells her lover Lakshmi that she is telling the truth. The man who has separated from his father is justifiably fighting with his father for his sister. He then joins the union and fights for justice for his co-workers. Karunas' performance in a role that can express so many emotions is above the pass mark.

Samuthirakani can be said to be the second hero of the film. Initially he was the chairman of the association and later left his post to Karunas. Whoever has any problem goes straight to the field though. His advice verse is as popular as memes in films starring Samuthirakani normally. In this film, the leader of the association pretends to be a policy speaker because he is different. He wears a red shirt or black shirt throughout the film.

Sunu Lakshmi is the heroine of the film. Fellow female worker who loves Karuna. He plays the nephew of the power loom boss Marimuthu. Anger that the boss cheated on their dad even though it was his will. Chittappa falls in love with Karuna despite his brother's opposition. He has brought the village girl to the forefront and stopped her.

TV presenter Ramya Subramanian as Samuthirakani's wife. Village young mother character. The question arises as to whether there will be such a red-haired village girl but she forgets that flaw in her realistic acting.

The main character in the film is Marimuthu who plays the power loom boss. Whatever villainy can be shown in that character is shown as realistic as it can be.

The music, the cinematography, the editing all made no big difference in the making. The same is true for the average film.

Sangathalaivan Tamil Full Movie Tamilrockers Review

The communist campaign is over after the break. The revenge killing in the climax is as cinematic and extremist as it has ever been to become a reality film.

If the power locomotive worker becomes a supporter of a movement and becomes a leader in the hearts of the people, then he is a 'union leader'.

Karunas works as a power loom driver in Marimuthu's loom factory. Some of the workers work with him as loom drivers and spinners in the tub machine. One of them, Divya, is unexpectedly trapped in the motor belt of a loom and thrown away. Thus amputating his arm.

Boss Marimuthu tries to cover it up like an ear and ear. He claims to have incurred only the cost of treatment, with the intention of cheating without paying any compensation. Karunas is appealing for justice for what happened to Samuthirakani of the Communist Party without the knowledge of his employer. Divya gets compensation for Samuthirakani's intervention. But Marimuthu thinks that Karunas betrayed her by not showing faith in her. He is constantly engaged in acts that humiliate him. Karuna's work is also declining.

The screenplay answers questions such as what Karunas decides to do when he is left homeless and unsupported, how Samuthirakani's impulse changes Karunas' life, whether he and Marimuthu's niece fell in love, whether the life of the power locomotive workers came to light, and whether issues including wage increases and bonuses were resolved.

Director Manimaran has created the Sangathalaivan based on Bharathinathan's novel 'Thariyuthan'. This is his third film after 'Udayam NH4' and 'Fame'. Being from Ranipet, the power loom industry is close to him. So confidently landed in the known domain. But that does not add to the credibility of the film.

Karunas has given a mature performance in the role of Rangan, the protagonist of the film. Perfectly fits the character who expresses all the emotions like innocence, faith, love, sacrifice, helping spirit, hatred, dissatisfaction, pain, fear, resistance, disability, helplessness.

Samuthirakani's performance can be divided into two. Acting in films like 'Investigation' and 'Vadachennai'. The other is to act in the course of going into characters who tell philosophies in their own style by whipping verses. With the second type of acting in the film, Samuthirakani leaves the template acting in the style of previous films like 'Sattai', 'Appa' and 'Thondan'.

Sunilakshmi falls in love with Karunas in her natural acting. Brihadeeswaran as the drunken father, Ramya Subramaniam as the wife of Samuthirakani and E.Ramadas as the father of Karunas did not fail in acting. Bala Singh, Jr. Balaiah and Seenu Mohan are also recording their presence. As a regular and habitual character, Marimuthu reveals the villain's chosen acting without any fuss.

Srinivasan Devamsat's cinematography fails to closely portray the domain of the power loom workers' home and home-based business. In the music of Robert Sargunam the song splashes without struggle in the lines of Yugabarathi. The song with Umadevi's new thread makes you stand on the side of softness and enjoy. The background music doesn’t lend itself too big to the film. With the cooperation of the director, Venkatesh may have cut a lot of places.

Director Manimaran has recorded that the loom factories, the houses with one or two looms, the loom running machine, the tub machine, the tar machine are all attached to the house. But it does not fully visualize the dialectical experience of the workers associated with it. He has only used them as set property.

The director 's interest in the screenplay shows the workers' issue, poverty, struggle, strike, union activities, labor and exploitation. During the negotiations he sought to add justice to the domain taken up by the formation of two types of vetti, such as the change of wages depending on the density in which they were located.

But without moving the course of the story in the same direction, the denial of caste, arson, revenge, and the subsequent jump gives the priesthood. It is annoying to establish that all government officials, including police officers and the district attorney, except the judge are bad.

Anything that a loom boss transgresses to that extent is only possible in cinema. Marimuthu's character creation is visualized with the usual cinematic villainous qualities that are the pinnacle of artificiality. The dilemma is to show him that all the bosses are cooperating.

The Sarvesh song did not stick in the film. The film ends with the previous scene. Even after that, I do not understand why the revolution, the struggle, is stretched out and the nerves are twisted and irritated. 'Sangathalaivan' is embarrassing in the way it is filmed and does not fully fulfill the purpose of the plot.

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