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Rocketry-The Nambi Effect is the upcoming biopic film from the Actor Madhavan, who made a directorial debut in this film about the Space Engineer and a legendary Scientist Nambi Narayanan.

Actor- R. Madhavan Directed by R. Madhavan and Anand Mahadevan.

Rocketry - The Nambi Effect

Rocketry-The Nambi Effect 

Actor R. Madhavan in his directorial debut Rocketry-The Nambi Effect, came out with a real life (biopic) of the legendary Indian scientist Nambi Narayanan. The life story of Nambi Naryanan that includes his research on rockets and the imprisionment he got from the government as suspecting him of false espionage - a way of spying. And what the Nation had lost as a result of Nambi's arrest.

Cast & Crew

The film is being jointly directed by Anand Mahadevan and Madhavan. Madahvan is living as Nambi Narayanan in this epic Biography Picture. The teaser of the film was already out in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. As the needed promotions for this trilingual movie has been going on. The film is produced by Tricolor Films India. The movie based on this legendary Scientist will be out in cinemas on summer 2019.

Teaser reveiew 


The teaser of Rocketry The Nambi Effect has been out, which is being made as a Tamil-Hindi-English trilingual film. The duration of the teaser was one-minute which gives us a glimpse of the successful launch of Mars Orbiter Mission by Indian Space Research Organisation. Meanwhile the teaser also pictures out some figures showing up the details on the success of launch on its first attempt, while USA and Russia took 19 and 16 attempts respectively. In the background hearing the voice of Madhavan saying "If I say that we could have achieved this miracle 20 years ago". The teaser ends with showing the actor who has been watching the launch behind the bars. voicing "My name is Nambi Narayanan. I spent 35 years in rocketry and 50 days in prison. My nation paid the price of those 50 days and this story is about that. It is not about me."

Nambi Narayanan, Indian scientist and a senior official at the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) worked till 2001 and got retired. He was the in-charge of the cryogenics division at 1994. He was falsely charged with espionage in 1994 and undergone a 50 days imprisonment. The charges against him were dismissed by the Central Bureau of Investigation (C.B.I.) in 1996, and the Supreme Court of India declared him not guilty in 1998. This was the story that the teaser depicts sparingly.

Reviews From the Actors

The movie teaser had produced the magic within the few minutes of the release. The audience were making it more viral. Aamir Khan, who was intrigued by the teaser, wrote, "Hey guys, check this out. Looks very intriguing to me. Love." Also Amitabh Bachchan wrote that he (Madhavan) is an accomplished actor, on regarding the teaser. As the teaser created more hype among the actors too.

Madhavan took Instagram to share a video before the teaser release in which he said: "There are many personal stories in the world you would have heard about and many more you have no clue about. But there are a few stories knowing nothing about which means that you know very little about your nation. Nambi Narayanan's story is one such story. Because when you hear this man's story, and see his achievements, then I promise you will never be able to stay slient. Rocketry - The Nambi Effect... For those who don't know will be aware and for those who think they know this will be a revelation."

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