Rang De

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Actors: Nithiin, Keerthy Suresh

Rang De

Rang De

Cast: Nitin, Keerthi Suresh, Naresh, Brahmaji, Vennela Kishore

Directed by: Venky Atuluri

Producers: Suryadevara Naga Vamsi

Music: Devi Sri Prasad

Cinematography: p. C. Shriram

Editing: Naveen Nooli

After the failure of the latest movie 'Check' starring youth star Nitin as the hero, this time he is ready to try his luck again with clean family entertainer "Rang De". The film, directed by Venky Atuluri and starring Kirti Suresh as the heroine, was released today. And now let's see in the review how impressive this film is.

Rang De Telugu Full Movie Tamilrockers Story

Going into the story, Arjun (Nitin) as well as Anu (Keerthi Suresh) have known each other as neighbors since their childhood, but Arjun was not always interested in Anu but hated them. And for some as a baby gets older, he or she will outgrow this. And what is the reason they can get married? What was the unexpected event in their life after marriage? Does Arjun still like Anupai? To finally know how their lifestyle ends means watching this movie on the silver screen.

The comedy angle is well highlighted in this movie from the very beginning. The film, which was planned in Rome com Angle, was a success in that regard. The comedy between Nitin and Keerthi Suresh in particular generates good fun from the beginning as well as good chemistry between them. As well as the comedy designed on Moonlight Kishore but those college episodes are but good entertaining. Apart from the fun, the family emotions in the film are also well balanced and very strong, which is a good development.

And when it comes to the cast, Nitin's role is very interesting. So far we have seen Nitin in many angles but in this film he did a good job with Shades before marriage as a husband with his frustration. Nitin also gave a superb performance in some key scenes. He was also good in terms of looks. Her role is even more interesting when it comes to fame. From the beginning, you will definitely see a new performance from her as a naughty girl. Not only does she have fun with her antics but she also looks glamorous. Fame also nurtured emotions in some important scenes.

As well as Moonlight Kishore once again laughs in a good role. The rest of the senior actors Naresh, Brahmaji, Kausalya, etc., as usual, did justice to the scope of their roles. Of these plus points, however, Devi's music should also be given a special mention.

And when it comes to the minus points in this film, the story seems like nothing new but routine. But the magic went into taking. Almost all Venky movies feel the same so don't look for anything new in terms of story though.

And the main lead roles in such Family and Rome com entertainers are even more beautiful if they are still detailed. But it does not appear, it would have been nice if Nitin had designed the roll overall as yet solid. It would have been nice if there were still interesting developments in the fame role as well.

The technical teamwork in this film is very good. The music of Devisree Prasad, mentioned earlier, is the main attraction. PC Shriram Cinematography Visuals are good rich fun. Also Naveen yarn editing is good. Construction values ​​are also superior from the first frame. When it comes to director Venky Atuluri ..

Although Venky is not new in terms of storytelling, it is safe to say that he was successful with the story. Good screenplay makes for good entertainment. Also in the emotional part Venky appeared to be very mature in writing compared to his past films. Due to this, the director was able to capture all kinds of emotions (comedy, emotions, drama, romance) that he intended.

Overall, "Rang De" features Nitin and Kirti's promising performances as well as romantic tracks with good comedy and strong family emotions. Otherwise there is nothing new in the story chosen by the director but the story makes this film impress everyone. So overall this weekend you can enjoy watching this movie in theaters with your family.