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Actors: Sandhanam

Paris Jeyaraj

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Paris Jeyaraj

Actors - Santhanam, Anaika
Production - Lark Studios
Movement - Johnson
Music by Santosh Narayanan
Release Date - 12 February 2021
Time - 2 hours 16 minutes
Rating - 2.75 / 5

Johnson, the co-director of A1, which was released in 2019, has reunited with Santhanam. It looks like they both decided not to give in to anything other than humor. Three-quarters of them have won.

Santhanam, a Ghanaian singer from Chennai, Paris, has become YouTube celebrity Paris Jayaraj. Love on him Anika Sothi. After some attempts, Santhanam makes Anika fall into his love trap. Santhanam Daddy becomes the villain for their love. Santhanam's father Prithviraj, who is a lawyer, runs the family with his second wife without the knowledge of the first wife. Anaika was born to a second wife. He is shocked to see that his son and daughter are in love. The rest of the film is about how he solves that problem.

It will come as a bit of a shock to those who study brother and sister romance. But, even the older MGR has given a twist to the climax like the Shivaji films. Just because they are brother and sister, the duo has avoided putting everything together and acting close from the beginning. The film stumbles a bit like this until the break, but after the break it completely occupies us until the climax is over.

In particular, a scene should be mentioned. The scene is simply super as Dad Prithviraj manages to talk to his son and his daughter to decide that Anaika can let her dad and Santhanam dad talk on the conference leg. It is not uncommon to write such a scene and film it in a way that is understandable to the audience. Director Johnson has done it beautifully. Next go to the trial room to see his two wives wearing sudidar at the same time in the textile shop and the scene where Prithviraj deals with them makes them fall down and laugh.

Santhanam has a beard to change this film a bit from the previous ones. Same Santhanam as usual, same timing comedy. He has shared with others that it is not enough to just laugh. Those who have acted in other roles like Motta Rajendran, Maran, Thangathurai, Seshu also make fun of the little opportunity they get. Telugu actor Prithviraj as Santhanam's father. He has made the entanglement between two wives and a son and daughter as realistic as possible.

The minus point of the film is the heroine Anaika Sothi. Over makeup, as inappropriate clothing is a little out of place for the image. It is good for his future that Santhanam cares a little bit about the heroines of his film.

All the songs in Santosh Narayanan's music are Ghanaian songs. The songs Pacha Pachakke and Puli Manga Pulip set the rhythm.

It is rare to see a comedy film in this era without double meaning verses. It is commendable that Santhanam continues his film as an all-seeing film. Still, there are frequent drinking scenes in the film. They may have been reduced, or omitted. Otherwise two hours can leave you smiling.

Sincerely, Santhanam is in love with the daughter of RS Sivaji, a Ghanaian singer. RS Shivaji, who thinks that this love should be separated, seeks the help of a lawyer. His idea pays off. Lovers part. Santhanam is upset because his father broke up with him. At that time another love sprouts from college student Anika Sothi. The screenplay answers questions such as whether this love is handy, what Dad did to the mess, the confusion, the danger, and what became of Anika's ex-boyfriend.

This is the second film between the Santhanam-Johnson alliance after the success of A1 '. Santhanam would no longer be better off acting in age-appropriate roles. How many more films do you see as a lover circling behind women? Santhanam also seems to have difficulty in dance movements. As usual he speaks in rhyme and is awkward. In this film, the hero, the hero's father, the villain, the servant, all of them spoke in excessive rhyming, so the fans sang more than them.

Seventh fit for Anaika testing and acting. The art of acting is suffocating. Maran, Sethu, Seshu, 'I am God' Rajendran, Vinod who is going to mix are all not lacking in the required contribution to the character.

The big strength of the film is the structure of the character of lawyer Prakashraj. The character is flexible enough to give confusion at times and then turn into comedy. Telugu actor Maruti has acted in it. As he is an actor who does not know Tamil, there is a lack of acting in him. His reactions could not be admired as they emerged late. It would have been wonderful if only an actor who knew Tamil had played that role.

The first three songs in Santosh Narayan's music come where they are not needed and appear as Ullain Aiya. May have cut them intact. Background music and Arthur Wilson's cinematography add strength to the film.

Director Johnson beats voodoo in rhyming verses like Innocent Adabbavi, Erukkancherry Pondicherry, Sarakkadiche Sangu Uthura. But the weakness is that they are overdosed. Santhanam does not have enough reasons as to why he is damaging his father and continuing to tease him without respecting his father. The director has untied the knot by saying that the biggest relationship problem is Vadapoche.

The challenge left for the first half endurance and the second half did not even change the template of the ‘A1’ film that was hilarious comedy. However, Johnson has shown his skill in comedy treatment by dissolving the stories of 'A1' and 'Inime Ippatittan' Santhanam films. In that sense 'Paris Jayaraj' is a must watch film.

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