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Actors: R. Parthipan

oththa seruppu Size 7

Oththa Seruppu Size 7


Starring - R. Parthiban
Production - Bioscope Film Premiers
Direction - R. Parthipan
Background Music - Sathya
Release Date - 20 September 2019
Duration - 1 hour 45 minutes
Rating - 4/5

Oththa Seruppu Size 7 Movie Review

In Tamil cinema, this is a different endeavor.

This is a movie that only plays one character throughout the film. Only their voice and some visual clues that make the feel that some more are in the film.

Director Parthiban must have thought more carefully to show case it without any error. He has brought it right on screen. He has also taken care of the little things such as calling the mobile phone to show us that we only have to feel the voices of the characters, show the mobile phone and show the lady doctor his handbag.

Well, what's the story of the movie starring one ?. They are being escorted to the police station for questioning the security in work(Parthipan) on suspicion of committing a murder. Deputy Commissioner comes to investigate him. He only learns to tell Parthiban that he has not only committed a murder, but also committed a few more murders. He describes himself as the reason for all the killings.

Throughout the film, there is an interrogation room, interior of the police station, and a little exterior. Although it is completely different to the viewer, cinema has been a medium for many characters to entertain us for hundreds of years.

At the same time, the fact that only one person is talking too long is exhausting. If you do not listen carefully, you will not understand what the person is saying.

Through his speech, Parthipan is passionately telling the story of what happens to him and what happened to his surrounding. We must visualize what he is saying. Parthiban shows many dimensions as an actor. He transmits it to the viewer.

In a sense, this film can be taken as a stage play and a separate acting model. However, it is not surprising that Paritipan has the audacity to try it without doubt whether fans will accept it even if he only plays it. Already, he is the one who gave some different characters in Tamil cinema.

The way in which the story is told, even in one place, arises its anticipation of what happens next. It is interesting to make a visual connection between one murder and the next. Ilayaraja's songs are always attracted when showing his wife. The scenes and some of the verses are branded with a personal taste.

Background music, cinematographer, film editor, sound designer, and many others have been a part of Parthipan's wonder.

The concept in the film is not relevant. The fact that he had a lot of affection for his wife and the son a handicap, woman left him as she had contact with many people is a shame.

How many more films will show women as lustful and just wanting a comfortable life.

The scenes that explain how his wife, who often betrays him and goes out, is annoying.

Parthiban, who gave many pictures of women in early times, portrays women as wrong and bad in the last few films.

There was no doubt that it would make a movie for a certain top-tier fan.

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