Nenjam Marappathillai

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Actors: SJ Surya

Nenjam Marappathillai

Nenjam Marappathillai 

Actor: S J Surya
Actress: Nandita
Director: Selvaragavan
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: Arvind Krishna

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Regina grew up in an ashram in a Christian church. Thus he spends all the money he earns on the ashram. SJ Surya, on the other hand, settles down by marrying a rich woman, Nandita. They have a 4 year old son.

They approach Regina to take care of the baby. They say I pay a large sum for it. Regina agrees, as the money will help the ashram. Over the course of the day the man SJ Surya has a crush on Regina. Trying to reach him. What happened next is the rest of the film.

Man SJ Surya is intimidating in acting. He scores heroism, villainy and comedy and is an all-rounder. He has shown his full acting talent in this film.

Nandita, who plays SJ Surya's wife, did not score big in the first half but was unlucky in the second half. The verses he speaks receive applause. Regina, on the other hand, exhibits elegant acting and is noticeable.

Director Selvaragavan, SJ Surya, Regina and Nandita have handled all three effectively. Especially the character of SJ Surya is well designed. Likewise the verses are strong for the film. Although the first half went briskly, the second half seemed a bit sluggish. There may be a slight focus on the screenplay.

Another hero of the film is Yuvan, who has added strength to the film with his stunning background music. The songs also travel together with the scenes. Every scene in Arvind Krishna's cinematography is a feast for the eyes.

Nenjam Marappathillai Tamil Full Movie Review

Ghost films were rampant in Tamil cinema a few years ago. Many gave many different kinds of ghost pictures. Some of those pictures ran the ghost flow. Some of the pictures ran away without even knowing the trail they came from. There is no doubt that the ghost would have run away if this heartbreaking film had come out during that period.

It’s the usual revenge-buying ghost story. But the only difference is that this is a ghost story given by Selvara. Selvaragavan has left his mark on the screenplay and the design of the characters.

SJ Surya, the owner of the company, lives in a bungalow in the middle of the forest with his wife Nandita Swetha, son and four servants. Regina Cassandra joins the work of caring for her young son. Regina goes there hoping to help the ashram and the church where she grew up. Desire on Regina for Surya to be a little psychedelic. He rapes and kills Regina while his wife is away. Those servants also rape him. The rest of the story is about how Regina, the ghost, takes revenge on them.

Tamil cinema critics are tired of watching ghost stories. But when the film was not forgotten, the horror films were getting an overwhelming reception. Horror movie has shown that this is how it should be.

Just as Mishkin gave a weird horror film called The Devil, Selvaragavan has given a horror film in his style. The rich man has used the old formula of revenge when he evaporates to kill the innocent villain. But the way he used it was awesome.

Mariam (Regina Cassandra), a devout Hindu, joins Ramsay (SJ Surya), a wealthy couple, in the job of looking after Swetha (Nandita Swetha)'s baby.

The lust is caused by the respect for Ramsay who came forward at the crossroads. He walks away to try to seduce Mary. Mariam is killed by Ramsay. But he is evaporating to avenge Ramsey. The story is what happens after that.

S.J. Surya is intimidated by her acting. Yuvan Shankar Raja's music is a side effect. Some things in the film did not impress the fans. The fans didn’t sin greatly for Mary. And do not hate the cruel Ramsey. We could not get to know Swetha at large. So the climax of something else gives a different feel to the visual satisfaction response.

Selvaragavan will not tell any story in a way that is directly understandable. He will tell the story around us so that we can think and understand. It’s in this movie too. However, his style of screenwriting and character creation is different. They are what make this film so enjoyable.

I don't like to say Ramasamy, so Ramsay. We have to ask Selvaragavan who Ramsey created as a reference for the character. It makes you wonder if there are even humans like this. It seems that SJ Surya has absorbed the role of Ramsay better than he thought, and pushed him away. Surya is intimidated by his body language, verse-speaking posture and timely vision.

Regina Cassandra and Nandita Swetha have acted in several Tamil films before this. Most of the films do not have a character who can express their performance in all those films. The film is sure to be a memorable one for them.

Regina as an ordinary woman who goes to work at home. His big eyes show the emotion on his face ahead of it. His scope diminished after he became a demon. That flaw didn’t seem to matter, though, as he would score in every scene until before that. Nandita Swetha as SJ Surya's wife. A rich housewife behaves the way she does.

Since Selvaragavan is a film, there are so many scenes that it is hard to tell whether Yuvan is composing music or setting up scenes for Yuvan himself. Throughout the film Yuvanshankar Raja’s background music makes those scenes even more compelling. Many close-up shots of Arvind Krishna's cinematography. The story of moving too much into a house is still animated by camera angles.

An impression that lasts until the break is then a little less real. If Regina expects more difference from the rich in retaliating for those who killed her after the demise, she too has thought of it as a regular revenge. It could have taken place more deeply in the heart if only it had been changed.