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Money Heist Season 5

Money Heist - 5

Money Heist Tamilrockers - A Small Recap

The Spanish web series Money Heist is trending around the world today. Netflix has acquired the Spanish television program La casa de papel (The House of Paper), which has been upgraded to a web series in English entitled `Money Heist '.

The most important reason for the success of this story is that all sorts of fan fantasies and assumptions (Imaginations & Assumptions) are broken from time to time. Each episode ends in suspense, as in the Chantillyan stories. Instead, the beginning of the next episode is 'Will this still happen?' Logic will make you wonder without violating anything!

A bank robbery scene will be seen in the movie 'Rudra' starring Bhagyaraj. There can be no Tamil fans who do not watch it. Many of us have seen it many times. We would have been amazed many times if Bakiyaraj, disguised as a clown, had robbed the bank so efficiently.

The main reason for the huge success of this Money Heist web series is that the story continues to have interesting scenes throughout the story like that one.

Money Heist Tamilrockers storyline

The first season, which has been in two seasons, shows the robbery at The Royal Mint, which prints Spanish money, and the second season, the robbery at The Bank of Spain.

A professor brings together 8 of the most notorious criminals to rob. Each of them has the best potential for each individual. The professor teaches them an innovative lesson on how to rob.

The robbers call each city by their new name. The whole story unfolds from the perspective of a bandit named Tokyo (Ursula Corbero).

The robbers enter the bank wearing the mask of the famous Spanish painter Salvador Dal.

Without looting immediately after the robbery, the staff inside and the visitors to the museum are held hostage by the network. The government thinks they are trapped inside so that they cannot get out.

But the plan of the robbers is to sneak inside without coming out.

Robbers do not want to take only the money that is in the printing press. The professor's plan is to print 2.4 billion euros before escaping from such a robbery.

The professor helps the 8 robbers out of a mysterious place outside to stay inside the bank. The professor trains the robbers to stay in a large bungalow for 5 months before the robbery, at each stage. Scenes of this training are told in the background to every smart event that takes place within the bank.

The character of the professor is set up so that he can order them from the outside without going inside with the robbers. When the police contact the robbers inside, the professor outside answers them. But, he convinces everyone that he is inside.

He specializes in secretly tracking every movie of the police and plotting and disrupting the camera operation of each of them. Is money important or release important for prisoners of war? As preparing them psychologically for robbery is something unexpected.

In the second season they plan to loot gold nuggets and government classified information in order to save one of them who was caught by the police.

The performance of Itziar Ituno and Najwa Nimri, who played the role of Alvaro Morte, a senior police officer in the role of a professor, is admirable.

The eight robbers with the names of the cities and the Spanish actors who played the prisoners of the network have excelled in their natural acting. The end of the story of both seasons is one we did not expect.

Here are some of the main reasons why 'Money Heist' attracted fans:

# The story continues to have twists and turns. But, the fact that they come naturally without being painful makes the story interesting!

# What fans think will happen next will not happen in the story! When all of our fantasies and assumptions are shattered the audience naturally adds more to the enjoyment at each stage.

# Two or three different scenes in the story are constantly changing. When a scene becomes interesting, the scene stops and Ducken jumps to the second scene.

#Ducken moves to a third party when the scene becomes more enjoyable. The audience is thrilled to see such interesting scenes throughout the story.

# Various love scenes enhance the course of the story, such as love between robbers, love between robbers and prisoners, and increasing love for the professor who plans and executes the robbery and finds it.

# Small smart ideas on what can be done to steal time rather than steal money are sure to amaze fans.

# Innovative technology-based information comes in from time to time to provide an opportunity to learn innovations.

# Background scenes from time to time about the personal lives of the robbers further reinforce the story. These scenes are special in that they provide reasons and justifications for looting.

# Scenes come as the professor thinks in advance about how the police will behave in any given situation and gives advice individually to each. Scenes like this that may come up in the story take the story to the next level.

# One of the highlights of the story is that we can't predict what will happen next over a stage.

# For fans who see the surprisingly smart ideas that come up in the story from time to time, the success of the story is that some smart ideas appear beyond that.

# Usually there will be a template for bank robbery stories like this. There are generally three phases: Planning, Execution and Getaway. All three phases in this story are set up better than we expected. Moreover, these fully meet the expectations of the fan.

# Fans easily get along with the story as the verses spoken by the robbers reflect the common man's attitude towards oppression and governments.

# While it is understandable to fans that robbery is wrong, it is human nature to admire the brilliance in it. Mani Heist has succeeded in handling it correctly.

The web series is available on Netflix OTT in 2 seasons, 4 episodes and 31 episodes under the creation of Alex Pina. "Mani Heist" fans in many parts of the world are eagerly awaiting the 5th episode after watching the 4 episodes of Vidya Vidya.

Tamil fans can definitely watch the 'Mani Heist' web series as it will take our enjoyment to the next level. The series is currently only available in Spanish and English. Due to its Himalayan success, it will be available in many more languages ​​on Netflix in the future, including Tamil.

Web series are seen today as an extension of a series of stories that once appeared. Tamil fans are ready to watch interesting web series like Mani Heist. Therefore, our Tamil creators should be ready to create such screenplays that will thrill the fans.

It is the wish of every Tamil web series fan that web series like 'Mani Heist' should be made in Tamil to surprise the audience.

With three seasons in the series so far, this is the fourth season to be released. A Spoiler alert for those who have never seen the series: (Spoiler alert) A team led by a professor enters to plunder the Royal Mint of Spain, which prints Spanish currency notes. The group is named after some of the world's largest cities, including Tokyo, Moscow, Berlin, Nairobi, Rio, Denver, Helsinki, and Oslo. This group holds those inside the Mint hostage. The governor of Mint is one of them. The government sets up a rescue team to rescue Mint from the bandits. The task force is ready to enter.

By the end of the third season, the situation begins to get out of hand with the professor. Nairobi, a brave woman from a gang of robbers, is shot and wounded. The season ended with the robbery attempt succeeding.

Money Heist Season 4 Review

In this fourth season (spoiler alert) surgery is going on for Nairobi. Aside from the tension over whether police-backed Ragil Murillo will be rescued, the professor is once again stepping down in an attempt to subdue the group. Meanwhile, Kadia, the head of Mint's security team, escapes as a hostage. Alicia Sierra, who is on the task force trying to retrieve Mint, spontaneously steps down, which turns out to be a major crisis for the state itself.

For the directors of this series, credibility is not all that important. Viewers of the series should be stunned; The only ambition is to keep watching. That trend continues this season. Besides, those involved in this series of robberies throughout the series will be portrayed not just as robbers, but as anti-government militants.

Money Heist Season 4 Tamilrockers Review

Everyone has a reason to get involved in this robbery attempt. They are told in a flashback from time to time. So Money heist is not just robbery. It is an effort to address the needs of each individual.

But what is the purpose of the professor involved in this robbery? Is it to plunder gold and money? The professor is implementing the ‘Paris Project’ this season. This almost puts the state in jeopardy. Yet the skepticism about what the professor and the gang's truly cohesive purpose is remains unresolved this season.

Each season ends at the most critical stage, with what happens next to the band of robbers. This is how the season ends. Makes you wait for the fifth season.

This season will be a bit disappointing for those who watched the first three seasons. The first five episodes in particular move very casually. But, in the remaining three episodes they get back to the old hype. There are also monolithic romance and action scenes.

Even those who have not seen the first three seasons can listen to the story and enjoy the fourth season.