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Actors: Kunchacko Boban, Siddique, Mukesh

Mohan Kumar Fans

Mohan Kumar Fans

I do not mean a blockbuster, super dupe hit movie in this time of insecurity that has hit the film industry as a whole since the lockdown. Instead, director Jis Joy has said that it is to bring back the cinematic feeling that has left the theaters. There should be a smile on the face of every viewer who watches the movie. They should enjoy two and a half hours. Whatever the director's intentions, it has paid off. There was a smile on the faces of those who watched the show. Jis Joy finished talking about Mohan Kumar and Mohan Kumar fans without putting any pressure and testing the patience of the audience. Only the end of the story tells who Mohankumar fans are.

Contextual jokes make the film more interesting. Ramesh Pisharody and Vinay Fort are taking the audience by the hand in this regard. The living conditions and ups and downs that any person can connect to make the film more popular. When the Bobby-Sanjay team finds and writes stories from familiar sights and experiences, it certainly comes to life.

In some places, you may feel the clich of the movie as a rising star. The young actor can be seen growing into a superstar Saroj Kumar in the role of creating a scene outside the film and in the role of Aghosh Menon (Kripesh) played by Vinay Fort. The character of Mohan Kumar makes it clear that he is not a real film actor, but a movie lover. The film goes on to say that there is a large section of people who love cinema so much and that a great film has to go through many stages to reach the audience. In short, the glamor of cinema and the desire for the art form of cinema are two different things. Beyond the film, like the screenplay, Udayan is the star,Mohankumar Fans is a movie about the lives of movie stars

After each scene, it seems that the director's only intention is to entertain the audience. You can face ups and downs with a smile. Jis Joy himself has written the script for Mohankumar Fans. There are some songs that say that cinema is a celebration. The songs in the film were composed by Prince George. The background music is by William Francis. Bahul Ramesh's cinematography and Ratheesh Raj's editing are excellent.

When it comes to acting, you have to start with the actor Siddique. Although it may seem a bit over-acting at first, it's more or less the same in the life of an actor who pretends that acting is life. There is a burst of siddhi when happiness and sadness come together and it cannot be said that it is acting. Kunchacko Boban continues to be an assistant. There are still fans who are eager to see Chackochan's glamor and dance. The new heroine also noticed without overdoing it. There was a moderation in the acting of Anarkali Nasser. Mukesh plays another important role. The other stars are KPAC Lalitha, Srinivasan, Joy Mathew, Saiju Kurup and Alansier.

Without any other prejudices, we can slowly begin to recapture those glorious times without thinking about the old glory of cinema. Mohankumar fans will be able to activate theaters in modern times. Whatever the case may be, movie lovers will realize that the big screen in theaters is more entertaining than the comforts of movies released on OTT platforms. If you want to enjoy a movie like this, you can definitely buy a ticket for Mohankumar Fans, a movie produced by Santosh Krishnan, Listin Stephen and Naveen P Thomas under the banner of Magic Frames. After the first show .. People are coming for the Noon show, I am leaving the theater.