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Actors: Srikanth, Rai Lakshmi


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Production - Jaguar Studios
Direction- Parthiban
Music - Aruldev
Cast - Srikanth, Rai Lakshmi
Release Date - 5 March 2021
Time - 2 hours 10 minutes
Rating - 2.5 / 5

It has been a long time since I watched blackmail movies in Tamil cinema. Such films were frequent in those days. This animal movie is also a blackmail movie and they have changed it a bit to suit this period.

Srikanth is in the business of searching for helpless rich housewives with children in different parts of the country, getting acquainted with them, marrying them and then killing them when the truth about himself comes to light, escaping with their money and jewelery. Pam sets fire to such a family in Goa and goes to Ooty. There he meets Roy Lakshmi, the owner of a tea estate, buys a good name, works there and marries him. On one occasion Roy Lakshmi came to know the facts about Srikanth. She fights to save herself, her baby and her sister from him. The climax is what happened then.

Director Parthiban has given the title 'Miruga' to the film and added a verse at the end to suit it. There has to be a thrill in the screenplay of what’s going to happen next in such blackmail stories. Fans watching the film should not have any guess about it. But, the minus point of the film is to be able to guess that this is how the story moves in the film. We had no excitement in the last 20 minutes as we knew the climax would end like this.

Srikanth in a negative role. The acting has improved more than ever. There seems to be a change in the pronunciation of the verse as well. The money lover tries to show that he is a murderer by his appearance and body language. He has seen some success in it.

The film starring Roy Lakshmi as the full heroine after a long hiatus in Tamil. Usually he is the one who acts glamorous. But, in this film he has played the decent role of a tea estate boss. The two who have played his sisters have revealed the glamor that he did not reveal by competing.

Dev Gill arrives as Assistant Commissioner as the climax approaches. Seeing that he is going to do something and catch Srikanth is tragically killed. It starts to get boring as more scenes move around the three characters. There may have been little emphasis on other characters and comedy.

A tiger has been added to the film for the climax of the film. The graphics show the tiger as real as possible. The fight between the tiger and Roy Lakshmi inside that one house in the climax ... is going on.

The songs in Arul Dev's music are okay not even the genre. Since Ooty is the plot, MV Panneerselvam has brought its beauty during the day and its intimidation in the dark in its cinematography.

How to be a sensation if it is a serial killer story. A state police is not looking for Srikanth, who has committed so many murders across the country. This beast would have been intimidating if those who were thinking of bringing the tiger into a thriller story had thought of more innovative scenes.

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