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Lisaa is the stereoscopic Horror movie on a 3D visionary, Raju Vishwanath has directed this film.

Actors: Anjali, Yogi Babu, Makarand Despande




Lisaa is the stereoscopic Horror movie on a 3D visionary. Raju Vishwanath is directing this film. Actress Anjali will be playing the lead role in this movie. Muthayya is the cinematographer for this film. Santhosh Dayanathi will be scoring the music for this film. This movie will be a bilingual film getting released in both Tamil and Telugu, later it will be made in Hindi too. After a very long search director settled with the title Lisaa, as we all might have familiar with this name and movie. One of the most terrific horror movies of 70s was the movie named Lisa, which was directed by A.G. Baby, which was starred by Prem Nazir, Bhavani, Jayabarathi and Jayan in lead roles. The huge response got after its release made the crew to throw the dice once again, and again they got successful on its second sequel 'Veendum Lisa'. As the director Raju Vishwanath has gone for this epic horror name, this Lisaa will also expected to be a terror mojo.


Release Date: 2018

Running Languages: Tamil, Telugu


Cast and Crew


Director: Raju Viswanath

Producer: PG Muthiah

Screenplay: Raju Viswanath

Story: Raju Viswanath

Music: Santhosh Dhayanidhi

Cinematographer: PG Muthiah




Yogi Babu

Markarand Deshpande

Lisaa │ Movie Preview


Anjali as Lisaa was India’s first stereoscopic 3D film, the first steroscopic 3D movie was Bollywood's ‘Haunted’, a Vikram Bhatt directorial. This film has been released on 2011 and haunted everyone to its best. Haunted Pictures the certain evil things happening in a haunted house. This movie is based on the element of time travel, having a secret past and a haunting present. As Lisaa to focus on a haunting house events, still this one varies a lot from the movie Haunted.


Actress Anjali started her career with Katrathu Tamizh along with Jiiva has made her a great beginning in Tamil Cinema Industry, followed with other some best films like Angaadi Theru, Engeyum Eppothum were the two films that won her awards and the fame. After these movies she started to drop down and some renowed works were Taramani and Iraivi. This was her second horror thriller after Baloon where she shared screen with another popular actress Janani Iyer alongside Jai. With hand full of projects in her side lining up for release Will Lisaa be a success story in her career? was the big question. The producer and Cinematographer of this film P.G. Muthaiyah said that they have searched for an actress who know both Tami and Telugu, as they need to wind up this project very earlier as possible, and they got Anjali who is very much fluent in both Tamil and Telugu.


Lisaa │ Teaser Review

The teaser of Lisaa has been released recently and it throws up a haunted house where Anjali as Lisaa is guest to the ghost house with her friends. They might experience some haunted things in that house. Makarand Despande's sound seems more menacing, which warned the house mates that it was better to off the lights after 10 pm. That indicates the presence of some bad spirits inside this house. 


We all have heard about Makarand Deshpande, was an actor, writer, Lyricist and a director. He is well known for his roles and plays in Hindi and Marathi. He is someone who can make seven stories at a single time, and make it with an ease. It is really a boost for the Lisaa team to experience his presence.

Audio Tracks and Bgm


Music: Santhosh Dhayanidhi




Song: Neethane En Thoovanam

Lyrics by: Mani Amuthavan

Sung by: Swagatha S Krishnan

Music by: Santhosh Dhayanidhi

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