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Actors : Kayal Anandhi

Kamali From Nadukkaveri

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Kamali From Nadukkaveri

Kamali From Nadukkaveri Tamilrockers

Cast - Anandi, Rohit, Pratap Bothan
Production - Upundu Studios
Direction - Rajasekar Duraisamy
Music - Deenadayalan
Release Date - 19 February 2021
Time - 2 hours 37 minutes
Rating - 3.5/5

Rarely do some well-meaning films that people need in Tamil cinema come out. This is a film that has come that way.

Students born and raised in cities and towns do not have the same facilities and opportunities as students in small towns and villages. That’s what this film is all about. But director Rajasekar Duraisamy has set the screenplay as if it is slippery. To put it more emphatically and concisely, this film would have been one of the most talked about films in Tamil cinema from time to time.

Anandi is studying in a school in the small town of Nadukkaveri. He also falls in love when he sees the interview of a student who topped the state level in the +2 exam on TV. Somehow, after completing +2, the student wants to go to IIT and study. Whether his wish is fulfilled or not is the rest of the story of the film.

There will be no facilities for girls studying in a small town. Proper advice is not available. There will be no facilities like library, internet. Parents will be looking to get married soon. There are many obstacles like this. But, the director did not try to tell everything in the film. I do not know why he did not see the facilities that the student did not have the opportunity to say in a little detail about the facilities. However, he has made it possible for those flaws not to be exaggerated in a way that is not distressing to look at, and that has many realistic mind-blowing characters.

Before talking about the heroine of the film, it would be appropriate to say first about the two good lives in the film. One is Kamali's girlfriend, the heroine, and the other is a retired professor who trains Kamali to join IIT. Sreeja as a friend and Pratap Bothan as a professor. It is enough if there are two good lives in our lives that will help us. Achieve anything in life. Both of them impress us by acting realistically in their characters.

Anandi adapts himself to any of our soil-based characters. Kamali plays the role perfectly in this film. One of the headaches that comes over Rohit is the character who shows various emotions like Vida studying hard for IIT entrance exam, being insulted by a classmate after going to IIT, being insulted in college and then being insulted by Rohit too. This Kamali can definitely be included in this year's award list.

Rohit, the protagonist of the film, does not have much work to do. Coming up in only a couple of shots. Climax Quiz has only tried to star in the scene.

Anandi's father Alagham Perumal, mother Rekha Suresh, Anandi's grandmother, brother and teacher Iman Annachi all look realistic in the film.

Jagadeesan Lokayyan Cinematography makes the film feel like a Feel Good Movie. The songs may have been even better set in Deenadayalan’s composition. Background music is okay. The film moves so slowly that it is tiring. The director may have taken the editor to task and added to the excitement.

The minus point of the film is that it is an inspirational film if you expect it to be a motivational film. Love does not need to be included in the film. The director deliberately keeps some codes. It is very disappointing to omit certain things that need to be stressed.

Kamali From Nadukkaveri Full Movie Tamilrockers Review 

Anandi, an 11th class student from Nadukkaveri village, is a naughty and intelligent student. Anandi's father Alagamperumal plans to send his son to higher education and marry his daughter soon.

In this case the +2 selection results. It includes an interview with Rohit, who topped the state. Anandi starts falling in love with Rohit and wants to study at IIT Chennai to meet him.

How is Anandi finally preparing for the tough IIT entrance exam in India? Were you able to tell his love to Rohit at IIT? How does a village girl achieve? Is the rest of the story of the film.

Kamali From Nadukkaveri Tamilrockers Review

Kudos to Rajasekar Duraisamy for writing the story with a focus on female education and Masterpiece for producing and producing the film Duraisamy.

Anandi is the character who holds the image. Anandi is not seen in any scene of the film. Only Kamali knows. This is what proves how fit he is for this role. The mischievous student, the responsible woman who can give any hard work for her ambition, is amazed by her acting as a college student who overcomes all the misery when she is paralyzed and teased and overcomes all the hardships and recovers from it.

Kamali From Nadukkaveri Roles

Pratap Bothan in the role of supporting Anandi. Refusing to tell Anandi, preparing Anandi atomically for the IIT entrance exam, the man slips through his experiential acting as he realizes Anandi’s success as his own.

Alagamperumal and Rekha Suresh bring our parents to the forefront. Rohit who comes as a hero is also the right choice. Iman Annachi moves the film lively.

Anandi's school friend Sreeja can play the heroine. She is beautiful. Plays better. Abhita Venkat, who is a roommate, has done a good job.

Kamali Pram Nadukkaveri is a film that encourages the progress of girls and the need for female education. Rajasekar Duraisamy adds to the list of key directors in a way that is commercially told with a vibrant screenplay that mixes everything from comedy, romance, family to the most essential concept for the community.

The songs in Deenadayalan's music are helpful for storytelling. The background music also puts us together with the film. The cinematography of Jagadish Ilangovan takes us into the greenery of Nadukkaveri and the environment of the IIT campus.

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