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Actors: Surya, Mohanlal, Arya, Samuthrakani



Kaappaan is the upcoming Tamil action thriller film directed by K.V. Anand. This movie is presented by Subaskaran and by Lyca productions. Harris Jayaraj is scoring the music for this film. While Surya is leading the screen, Mohanlal and Arya were also in vital roles. 


Release date: Sep 20 - 2019

Country: India

Running Language: Tamil


Cast and Crew


Directed by: K.V. Anand

Produced by: Allirajah Subaskaran

Written by: Pattukkottai Prabakar

Cinematography: M. S. Prabhu

          Abinandhan Ramanujam

Edited by: Anthony

Production Company: Lyca Productions







Kaappaan Movie Preview


Kaappaan is a mass action thriller filled with all required elements. In this film Surya is playing as a commando. Surya has been acted in several moves as a Police officer, this might be a slight different role but he can do it better than anyone. As he is very much suited for this role with a fit and muscled body. Surya is also acting in NSK, which is a political thriller, where he is playing a politician. NSK might release earlier and Kaappaan would be a year end release. 


Mohanlal is playing the role of Chief Minister of India and he is the most successful actor in Malayalam film Industry. His addition in this film should be a plus. Arya, Samuthirakani, Sayyesha were the other popular actors in this movie. Arya unable to get succeed in his recent films, would find a positive in this film. Sayyesha, on the otherhand verymuch successful in her projects. 

K.V. Anand, as a director, has directed few films but doesn't given a big hit. Films like Kana Kanden, Ayan, Ko, Kavan were the few successful movies from him. He has been collaborating with Surya for the third time after Mattran and Ayan. We could wait and see, Will this be a successful one? 


Kaappaan Story Theft Issue


The story of the Kaappaan film originated in 2011, and John Charles himself confessed that he told the story to K.V Anand, but Anand completely resisted it.

John Charles of Chrompet, Chennai, filed a complaint on Kaappaan for not releasing the film on Supreme court. He has been writing for 10 years in cinema, and in 2012, he wrote 'Saravedi'. He told the story to Anand. KV Anand said that he would give the opportunity to take the story and prepare it. Charles is currently suing the film, claiming to be him, the driver of the story and the alter ego.

Speaking today in Chennai as the outcome of the case was favorable to KV Anand, he said that the Kaappaan film was made in 2011 with Pattukkottai Prabhakaran and John Charles lied to me in person. Moreover, Kaappaan's film is about the Prime Minister's safety, in which where he deals with river water sharing and what's involved. Prabhakar said that there is something to be complained about big films.

The Supreme Court has said that the film could be released after a complaint was lodged that the film was adapted by someone else's story.

Surya is the hero of the movie 'Kaappaan' directed by director KV Anand. The film stars Mohanlal, Sayeesha, Arya, Samudrakani and Bhuman Irani in the lead roles. Lyka Productions is producing the film. The film was released on September 20, and John Charles of Chrompet, Chennai, has claimed that the story was adapted from his and sued KV Anand.

The High Court hearing about the case today reported that Suriya starrer 'Kaappaan' film is all set for its initial officially announced release date.

Kaappaan  Tamilrockers Movie Review

In the setting of the screenplay - even though Pattukkottai Prabhakar, Kapilan Vairamuthu and KV Anand are said to have acted together - KV Anand reminds us of their earlier films, scenes and breakthroughs. He will not change anything of his making. Camera Man KV Anand - Director KV Anand - The mixed brain at times makes him confused. What makes Shot Beauty beautiful is his earlier films - the film's minus is what we remember. Big Heroes Talk About Today's Cinema Trending Agriculture.

Surya talks a little about organic farming. Khadir (Surya) is an organic farmer living in the village. Don't blame him for being so socially concerned. Here are some footage of him giving the farm tips. When fans see whether it's a twist - Background Scoring saves.

He joins the Indian Prime Minister's Special Guard. The Prime Minister is a prop. should be saved when the dangers come. Everything happens as we wish. But we can easily predict the magnitude of the maximum next to the renderer hour.

At a certain point, Prime Minister Mohanlal is killed and his son Arya becomes Prime Minister. Arya, who is in the game, is also threatened by extremists, and Suriya, who loves Sayeesha, is killing the extremists and protecting the country. While Sayeesha and Surya romancing scenes - when they are with Arya - the acting does come with some nice comments in the theater.

Sayeesha has no job other than getting around Surya. Anal dances and dances. It's a little painful that the songs don't stick in the mind.

In one scene, Mohanlal tells a love story, explaining the love of his mother and then applauding the end of patriotism. Arya, the truth is that all your borsana is terrific. The Prime Minister is sitting in a chair, drinking coffee and having fun.

There is nothing to say in the songs beyond Harris Jayaraj's name as the composer in the title. It is comforting to know that PGM has saved him.

After seeing three 'Kana kanden', 'Ayan' and 'ko'' films, KV Anand who has given three diplomatic pictures of 'Maattran', 'Anegan' and 'Kavan' did not know what was going to happen. Surya fans are not sure whether they will save the film or do some other magic to make the film a success.

There are many people talking about the story of Sarath, Vijayakanth and Arjun, who came out many years ago.During the Vijayakanth period, Pakistani militants were entering India and making many attacks. Vijayakanth emigrated them. Then Arjun fought with the terrorists for some time and developed patriotism. Mani Ratnam Sir Roja said many things in the film. Sarathkumar fired a rifle and shot down many people. KV Anand is now in the hands of Surya after a long time. In the meantime, there are many things to say about natural farming, the methane struggle in the Thanjay Delta, the biological war with insects, and so on.

Anyway KV Anand is a talented - versatile. The films he takes still need a lot of detail. His next film is like this, and the scenes are moving so hard that no one can predict. Samuthragani - Poorna's romantic scenes are small but beautiful and a bonus. You need a lot of bonus scenes, tastes, and much more.

KV has all the merits of making a class film with Mass Heroes. Overall this is a must see movie in theaters.


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