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Over the years, all such thoughts have been reversed and OTT releases are spreading in Malayalam cinema along with all other film industries in the world. The huge audience support for the second part of the recent Mohanlal blockbuster film 'Drishyam' can also be seen as evidence of this change. There are indications that the film industry will slowly be free from the conditions and limitations created by Kovid's special situation, and that the film industry will remain in theaters and half of the Internet OTT platforms for a long time to come.

FAFA fans have been waiting for the movie 'Irul' as a continuation of the excitement created by the OTT release of the movie 'See You Soon'. The film stars Fahad Fazil, Saubin Shahir and Darshana Rajendran in the lead roles and is directed by Nazir Yusuf Isuddin. The film is produced by Anto Joseph, Jomon T John and Shameer Mohammad under the banner of Antro Joseph Film Company and Plan J Studio.

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Idukki district is the location of most of Fahad's important paintings. The valleys of the Sahyaparvata range east of central Travancore have great potential for the visual beauty of Malayalam cinema. Different landscapes influence the lives of the people there. Its influence can be seen in language, movement and life. Fahad is often compared to the landscape of Idukki.

‘Irul’ shows the wild landscape of Kuttikkanam. Jomon T John's camera captures the experience of extreme wildness.

The suspense of the film is about some events that take place around a mysterious one. Fahad has added momentum to the mystery with an extraordinary flexibility. His ability is to infuse his genius into the nuances of the character. That is why Fahad is becoming the most flexible actor in new cinema. As in previous films, he is able to rise to the pinnacle of his character as an actor in ‘Irul’.

‘Irul’ tells the story through a craft that has not yet been discussed in Malayalam, through three characters. It is doubtful whether the film has the influence of Honeyball Lecter in ‘Silence of the Lamps’ starring Anthony Hopkins in Hollywood.

Beginning with the book ‘Irul’, the story expands to new levels from its author, Alex. Unlike other themes, the abstract presentation can be seen throughout the film. The story travels through various mental trades, from dual personalities. It can be said that the insecurity of women is indirectly mentioned in another resolution. Terrifying cries can be taken as such metaphors.

A man and a woman arrive at a secluded bungalow where the different traits of man are revealed. The basic character of the film is a sense of humor that focuses on fear and distortion.

All three characters are looking for their way out of the artificially created horror. Though the clichs like bungalow, rain and darkness are repeated, the film overcomes it with the excellence of the actors. Darshan, Saub and Fahad are the geniuses who raised and held the film. The excellent script and the accompanying camera work help to give the director the intended experience. The vibrant music and the appropriate background of the set add to the quality of ‘Irul’. The vibrant music and the appropriate background of the set add to the quality of ‘Irul’.

‘Irul’ cannot be seen as a film that satisfies all types of audiences. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. The conversation between the two men arriving at the secluded bungalow and the character waiting for them there is up to date. The debate goes from murder to trial. From there, the story goes back to fiction. After all, as the name ‘Irul’ suggests, a great experience is created out of a mysterious state.

It will be a new experience for the audience as it uses the craft of European art cinema. Beyond politics, you can see fresh ideas in the themes, methods and casting that the film adopts. All these will be new experiences and will definitely introduce new definitions of cinema, including for new directors.

Despite being a leading actor in Malayalam cinema, Bhagat Bachil is a well known actor in Tamil cinema. In Tamil, he has acted in films like Servant with Sivakarthikeyan and Super Deluxe with Vijay Sethupathi.

It is undeniable that the character of Bahadur Bazil impressed the fans more than the heroes of that film in these two films. To that extent he will give life to the characters available to him through acting.

Not to mention in Malayalam. Every film starring Bhagat Bachchan is so different that other actors don't even think about it. Trance has been giving hits through the film and is currently giving a series of hits.

Apart from that, a film starring Bhagat Bachchan is released once in two months. It is noteworthy that the last film in that category to be released on the Amazon site was See You Soon.

The film, which was shot entirely on an iPhone, has been well-received by fans and is currently starring in Darkness. The trailer for the film has now gone viral on the internet. Also noteworthy is that the Dark Picture is out live on the Netflix OTT site.

Looking at the trailer of the movie Darkness one can definitely guess that Bhagat Baz may have played the serial killer who kidnapped and murdered the girls.