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Actor: Vishal, Shraddha Srinath


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Actor: Vishal
Actress: Shraddha Srinath
Director: MS Anandan
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: Balasubramaniam

On Independence Day in Chennai, two robbers looted 50 houses in a row. The police have been informed about this. The robbers escaped before they arrived at the scene as the police were on security duty at key locations since Independence Day.

Vishal's house was one of the 50 houses looted by the robbers. Vishal's grandmother faints after being attacked by robbers. Vishal, who is serving in the army, rushes to the city when he finds out about the incident. Knowing that the chakra medal bought by his father was also stolen, Vishal tries to catch the robbers.

Chakra Movie Tamilrockers Full Review

Vishal, who knows that his girlfriend and high-ranking police officer Shraddha is investigating the robbery case, is supportive of him. The investigation has revealed many startling facts. Did they finally find the key point behind this robbery? Isn't it Is the rest of the story of the film.

Vishal plays an army officer. Has acted effectively with slick physique. Action is mixed with action, romance and sentiment. All of the tactics he employs to weed out robbers are admirable.

Chakra Tamilrockers Full Movie Review

The heroine Shraddha, unlike the usual heroine, comes as a police officer and gets attention by exhibiting elegant acting. Asathi is also starring in action scenes. Man has acted as a rival to Vishal.

If there's another main character in the film, it's Regina, so much so that Mersel has been showing off his acting skills for so long. His character is set to be the biggest plus for the film. KR Vijaya, Manopala, Robo Shankar and Shirushti Tange have done the job perfectly.

Chakra Movie Tamilrockers Review

Director MS Anand, though it is his debut film, has handled the screenplay effectively. The perfect choice of characters is an added strength to the film. Adding unexpected twists to the film has added to the vibrancy.

If there’s one highlight of the film it’s Yuvan’s music. Especially the background music adds strength to every scene. Every scene in Balasubramaniam's cinematography is a feast for the eyes. His cinematography is great, especially in stunt scenes.

Overall ‘Chakra’ is a more than watchabe film.

'Chakra' is the story of a soldier who finds the gang who looted his father's Ashoka Chakra medal and fights to recover it.

On Independence Day, a gang of robbers looted Rs 7 crore in cash and gold jewelery from 50 houses in Chennai. The police are stuck with no clue. In this context, Vishal comes back to his hometown from the army with the story of what happened to his grandmother who was alone in the looted house. Father's Ashoka Chakra explodes when he learns that his medal, money and jewelery have been looted. He continues the search by challenging that he will reclaim the medal.

The screenplay answers questions such as what was the background of the modern robbery, who robbed 50 houses, what was their motive, why the medal was looted and how Army officer Vishal was able to find the robbery gang.

MS Anandan has directed the movie 'Chakra' which relies on technology with a focus on hacking. But the disappointment is overwhelming.

Vishal has added weight to the film. In the action scenes Timiri gets up and shows intensity. Turns out the rowdies. He has no chance of acting emotionally because the emotional scenes are not written properly. Otherwise the template for heroism has given unchanging performance in the buildups.

Shraddha Srinath is the first sin of the film. They have disqualified him from the post of Assistant Commissioner of Police to the rank of Constable. Yes Sami is going for everything Vishal says. There is no emphasis on the heroine in the film. That and a decision he makes ends up in disaster and danger.

Not even a single counter verse of Robo Shankar is taken. In serious moments his comedy hangs in the balance and stands without support. The return of KR Vijaya had no effect. Manopala, Vijay Babu and Shirushti Tange are also coming without sticking in the film.

Regina, who only acted as the heroine, showed another evolution in '7'. Similarly, she has given her role as the opposite heroine in 'Chakra'. He has recorded his performance as Formula One because the character is not written properly. Inadequacy is seen in it.

Balasubramaniam's cinematography alone adds justice to the quality of the film. The only consolation is the lack of songs. His brother Karthik Raja would not even believe him if he said that the background music is Yuvan.

The biggest problem with the film is the screenplay. 'Gun', 'Detective' and 'Iron Curtain' have only been used in the film. It is by no means clever or innovative. Features regular scenes that are familiar to watch. Boredom knocks without any interest in the screenplay as predictable scenes follow.

The list of logic violations is huge, such as how the military officer is able to control the overall officers, including the Commissioner of Police, and how the police allow it. The need to visualize Vishal as an army officer is also not great. There is no clear record of hacking either. Repeat scenes, repeat verses are boring and there is no expectation of what will happen next.

The ‘chakra’ that stumbled and derailed in a very weak screenplay is weakened without sound.

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