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Actors: Poorna

Blue Whale

Blue Whale


Blue whale is a film starring Poorna, Master Kapish Khanna, Birla Bose, Divya and Ponraj. Ranganathan is filming a story about a boy who fell victim to a game called Bluewhale.

Actor Srikanth, who was the guest of honor at the film's concert, said: - Everyone blames cinema for not doing well in Tamil Nadu. There is no unity in the actor's association, there is no unity in the producer's union. First of all we need to have unity in our home. Whenever we don't have unity, the next ones are just make fun of us. There is no point in criticizing the next.

Do not take the film on basis of trust the hero. Similarly, good directors do not get producers. If one gets, then take advantage of it. Don't blame others for it. People will get anxious if they fix the cinema. You can’t force people. They'll come and see if they like. A lot of films are released, what do theater owners do? Just lift one film and put another down. It is not right to criticize them for that. Our misfortune. Thus spoke Srikanth.

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