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Actors: Vijay, Nayanthara



The Bigil is the third film in the Atlee-Vijay Alliance, following Theri and Mersal. It has been released all over the world today. Vijay in the film, which focuses on football

Rayappan, Michael, and Bigil have played 3 roles.

The film was initially screened on the occasion of Diwali. The producers then requested a special show for the state. The government, which accepted this, only allowed one day's special display. Accordingly, the first day of the first day of the screening of Tamil Nadu at 5 pm. Fans who have been waiting all night have got the vision of Raiappan at 5 pm.

As usual the film has gone to court in the case of theft. However, the film has not been banned yet. Director KB Selva and Amjad Meeran of Chulameed claim to be their story.

Bigil Storyline

The minister says that the college which is located in the center of Chennai will be demolished and a new college will be built near Arakkonam. The students, who are fiercely protesting, jump in the fight. The minister chases his servants and chases the protesting students. Following this, students are living in the area where Vijay (Michael) lives. Vijay starts to beat students who come to the area in search of students.

The minister is withdrawing from Vijay's attempt to demolish the college. On the one hand, his father Gnanasambandhan arranges for Nayanthara. But Nayanthara stops her marriage saying she will marry Vijay.

In this context, Kadir, a friend of Vijay's and coach of the Tamil Nadu women's soccer team, stabbed Vijay's opponent Daniel Balaji with a knife. In a life-threatening condition, Kathir is hospitalized. The absence of a coach creates an environment where women, including Hinduja, Reba Monica and Varsha Pollamma cannot compete in the important competition.

But deciding to somehow put them in the competition, Kadir advises Vijay to go as a coach. When the team manager asks Radar how he can make Rowdy a coach, he then tells Bigle's flashback.

Bigil (son) is the son of Rayappan (father Vijay) who keeps Raipur in his control. Rayappan tapping the father of Daniel Balaji, who is doing various jobs to disrupt the people of the area. This causes enmity between the two. Daniel Balaji's father is plotting to kill Rayappan. Rayappan is determined to turn Bigil into a footballer so that his son may not become a rowdy like himself.

It is in this game that we give our son the advice that our identities will change. Bigil has a chance to play for the Indian team as he progressively focuses on football. When he leaves for Delhi, Rayappan is killed by Daniel Balaji's father. Enraged by this, Pigil kills Daniel Balaji's father. With the death of his father, Bigil decides to protect the people of Raipur. This makes Piggle unable to play football. Then comes the life of Michael.

Vijay is appointed as the coach of his choice, to radiate Vijay's background. He was fired for coaching football. Rowdy protests about how he can become a coach.

Jackie Scheroff, president of the Indian Football Association, has been causing various disruptions to Vijay's coaching Tamil Nadu girls. Did the women's team win over this? Did Vijay fulfill his father's desire to achieve in football? The rest

Both Vijay, Rayappan and Michael are different in terms of body language and style. Vijay, who has been shown in the action scenes, has acted in sentimental scenes. Especially the fight scene at the railway station before the break.

Nayanthara, who is a physiotherapist for the women's team, has done the job well. Also, Daniel Balaji and Jackie Sharap are intimidating villains. Soccer players such as Hinduja, Reba Monica and Varsha Pollamma have each contributed significantly. Yogibabu, Vivek, Kadir, Anandaraj and Soundararaja have all realized their role.

Like Actor Vijay, director Atlee has given importance to football women in the film. Commercial features such as sentiment, action, romance, the film has no dearth. Atlee is carving out Vijay's character. Father Rayappan Character 4 Sean Come on though. Logic violations may have been slightly reduced. He may have noticed such places, especially during the hours when the knife was pierced through the neck of the ray.

One of the biggest strengths for the film is the AR. Rahman. While his songs are already hit, he is intimidated by the background music. Vijay in particular has stunned the theater. GK Vishnu's elegant cinematography has added extra strength.

The 2nd Look of Bigil was released at midnight to mark the birthday of Actor Vijay.

Actor Vijay and director Atlee are reuniting for the third time in Bigil. The film is actor Vijay's 63rd film.

As the film was not named, Vijay's fans called Thalapathy 63 till 6 pm yesterday. Social networks have been mixed with the same name for the past 3 days.

The name of the film is Bigil

In this case, the first look poster of the film was released at 6 pm yesterday. By this, the name of the film was known as Bigil.

Father son?

Actor Vijay's performance in 2 of these films is solid. This is said to be  father and son relationship.

The first look was like actor Vijay in two badges as a dad sitting on the curb and a teenager with a ball in his hand. This got a huge welcome among fans.

2nd Look at midnight

In this case, the second look of Biggle was released at 12 midnight yesterday. The film's producer Archana Kalpathi has released the 2nd look poster at midnight.


Whisk in the coat suit

This is the 2nd look, with Michael as the number 5, in red jerseys, a quilt with scarves in his hand, a dagger in her forehead, a ball in his hand, and a vijay in a coatsuit.

Within minutes of the release of the 2nd Look, more than 45 thousand likes were struck. 21 thousand people shared. The film crew has released the 2nd look at midnight on the occasion of actor Vijay's birthday.

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