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Ayogya is the upcoming Tamil action drama directed by debutant Venkat Mohan starring Vishal in lead role.

Actors: Vishal



Ayogya is the upcoming Tamil action drama directed by debutant Venkat Mohan. The film is bankrolled by B. Madhu, Light House Movie Maker. The film is the official remake of Telugu film Temper(2015). The film features Vishal and Raashi Khanna in the lead roles alongwith R. Parthiban, Sachu, Vamsi Krishna and Pooja Devariya in supporting roles


Release date: April 2019

Country: India

Language: Tamil



Cast and Crew



Directed by: Venkat Mohan

Produced by: B. Madhu

Story by: Vakkantham   

Music by: Sam CS

Cinematography: Karthik

Editing by: Anthony L. Ruben

Production company: Light House Movie Makers





Raashi Khanna

R. Parthiban

K. S. Ravikumar


Vamsi Krishna

Pooja Devariya

Sunny Leone as an item number

Ayogya Movie Review

Ayogya is the story of a bad policeman who turns out to be good and how he punishes a group of rapists is the one liner of this film.

Vishal, who is rejected by the community, is growing with Anandraj, a laborer. One day Vishal was taken to a police station. Initially Vishal's intention was to make money and by seeing the policemen making money without any rules and limitations, he decided to make himself a police officer.

Then what, he is now a policeman and other robbery works as a police officer. Vishal is transferred to Chennai by the minister for the help of a local rowdy.

Criminals were been doing wrong things under the control of Vishal, they hit the town and throw it into the furnace. But Vishal's action brings irritation to the honest police constable KS Ravikumar.

Meanwhile, Vishal comes in love with Rashi Khanna. Yogi Babu has done some diligent work and raises the cinematic romance in love. Soon duet is coming.

In this case, Parthipan chases Rashi Khanna instead of Pooja Devaria for killing. Vishal's girlfriend is Rashi Khanna. However, Rashi asks Vishal to save Pooja Devaria, still she is a stranger.

Vishal saves Pooja Devaria for his girlfriend. Then there is a problem between Vishal's ego and Parthiban. Did Vishal take action against Parthiban? What is the background of Pooja Desaria? Why does Vishal demand the death penalty for sex offense immediately? Many questions have been asked to leave the film.

Venkat Mohan has remade the super hit film in Telugu 'Temper'. The story of the film is that the hero who is initially bad, ultimately becomes good and what he did good for this society. Many such films have already arrived in Tamil. But the hero who comes out of the police, is something new.

The information that the film conveyed is essential to the community. But the masala is very high. Without giving work to the brain, you would definitely like to see Ayogya as a commercial cinema.

The film's strength is the last 10 minutes. Vishal questions in the court room flows over our Indian legal system. The climax display is tense.

Vishal, who is a bad-haired police officer, has acted in an angry manner over the character. As usual, the action scouts the charts. Vishal is appreciated for breaking the heroic image in the climax scenes. Telugu heroes do not get this bold.

Parthiban who is a villain, has been doing well with his usual acting. Even though villainous, he does it to enjoy it. His acting would be liked by all beyond his role.

Rashi Khanna is the role of a regular heroine. Her Beauty steals the show.

Director KS Ravikumar has acted realistically as an honest policeman. Pooja Devoria is playing the turning point in the film. Yogi Babu has three scenes in the film. Everyone laugh at these scenes.

Music by Sam C.S. Background is OK. But the songs are great. Dear dear song is one good melody.

Karthi's cinematography is also beautiful. Ruben's editing has nothing to do with distinctive things.

There were many logic holes in the picture. This is a spicy movie, it is the director who makes no pointless scenes. A police inspector can have so much power in Chennai City. Venkat Mohan could have told with little conscience.

Though it is a Spicy film, the message it conveyed was somewhat appreciated.

Trailer of ayogya

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