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Actors: Dhanush, Manju Varrier



Based on the novel Vekai, written by Poomani, the movie called  Asuran directed by Vettimaran.

After the film 'Vadachennai', Vettimaran is working with Dhanush. Manju Warrier makes her debut as a heroine in the Tamil film industry.

Expectations for the film are even higher, as the film is adapted from the novel after the trial. In this case, the preview of the monster movie was released yesterday evening. 15 lakhs have been seen in the last 1 hour. Up to 27 lakh viewers have been watched. The trailer has gotten denser and tighter.

Dhanush talks about the politics in the Asuran and it will be the center of the film. Dhanush appears in young and elderly character. Pasupathi, Karunas' son Ken and Balaji Sakthivel have also been in the cast. GV Prakash has composed music for Velraj. Asuran will be released on October 4.

After the success of the film Vadachennai, Dhanush's upcoming film is a Asuran. The film will be based on Poomani's novel Vekkai.

After the shooting of the film is finished, the background work is going on. The film has been scheduled to be released on October 4 and the team has released its second look poster. Dhanush's different look is getting popular among fans and is trending on the social website.

GV Prakash is composing music for  the film, which is being produced by Kalaipuli S Thanu. The songs and trailer of the film also released.

Dhanush joining hands for the fourth time in the Vetti maran film. The film is based on Poomani Vekkai's novel and features Manju Warrior, Pasupathi, Karunas son Ken and Balaji Sakthivel.

Ammu Abhirami has said that she is currently been in the film. He has uploaded a photo of her with the director on her Twitter page. She already got a lot of attention by starring in Ratchasan. Now her movie with Vettimaran's Asuran will surely make her big screen career brighter. V Creations is producing the film.

The October Effect

The film crew is also planning to release the Asuran on October 2nd. On October 17, Vetti maran directorial Vadachennai was released and made a huge impact. So they are also planning to release the Asuran movie in that zodiac.

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