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Actors: Sunny Wayne, Gowri G Kishan

Anugraheethan Antony

Anugraheethan Antony

Kerala is slowly recovering from the insecurity created by the spread of Kovid. The excitement created by the normal festival season in the Malayalam film industry is not small. The films that are being prepared for release are also trying to recover from the crisis created by the pandemic conditions. There is a long list of Vishu releasing films this time around. Sunny Wayne starrer 'Anugraheethan Antony' is the first Feel Good Family movie to be released targeting family audiences.

Directed by Prince Joy, the film features prominent actors and newcomers. The story of Ashwin Prakash and Jishnu S Ramesh is scripted by Naveen T Manilal. Anugrahithan Antony can be considered as Prince Joy's attempt to rise to the ranks of new Malayalam directors.

Prince, who appeared in the short films ‘Spider’ and ‘I am a moviegoer’, has created a not-so-bad fan base. The experience of working as a co-director in many films has helped Prince to approach Anugrahitan Antony more maturely.

Gauri Kishan, popularly known as '96', has played the lead role in the film, which will star Sunny Wayne after a while. Sunny Wayne, who plays the title character Anthony, portrays rural middle-class family life in an appropriate way. The special feature of 'Anugraheethan Antony' is that some suspense is hidden.

Very few Malayalam films have been shot in a combination of human and animal that have only been seen in Hollywood movies. Such films in foreign languages ​​have a large Malayalee audience. The highlight of ‘Anugraheethan Antony’ is that it reveals the warm relationship between dogs and humans. Some scenes are sure to touch the heart of the audience.

The film will be a more fun experience for children and animal lovers alike with the general audience. Love, sadness and excitement are shared through many fun moments that take place in a normal family setting. It is a little difficult to adapt and act the animals to suit the characters and the film. But the director's genius has survived and moved on.

The notable Malayalam stars who have portrayed the senior characters in the film are equally important for music and romance. Suraj Venjaramoodu and Siddique and Indrans will play different and serious roles.

Gauri Kishan, who plays the daughter of Indrans, who plays the role of Madhavan, is also doing well. Baiju, Mala Parvati, Manikandan Acharya and Shine Tom Chacko also make the film a good experience. ‘Anugraheethan Antony’ can be considered as a film that explores all the dog-man-human relationships and entertains any audience without going into any depth.

A lot of interesting things happen when two more dogs arrive in a small world where Antony and his countrymen and his girlfriend meet. There are going to be some possibilities in some coincidences in life. Actors like Jafar Idukki and Manikandan Acharya, who take advantage of the potential of natural acting, make this folk life even more beautiful.

It can be considered as a new form of life which was once the background of Sathyan Anthikkad cinema. The most interesting resemblance is in the dress and architecture of the house. It is up to the audience to decide if there is something new in it. Linguistically, the potential of Central Travancore has been exploited. The fact that comedy and love are repeated in the same way can be taken by the audience as the spice of ordinary Malayalam cinema.

One limitation is that there have been some repetitions that make it seem as if many scenes are some resemblance to movies seen before. However, such evaluations are irrelevant as commercial cinema is ultimately intended to entertain the audience. There is no other psychological satisfaction for the average viewer than the fact that the film runs tirelessly from beginning to end.

There is no doubt that the audience will definitely be happy as it ends up being fun without losing a penny. Another look at the film reveals that the acting potential of actors like Siddique and Indrans has been discovered. The songs in the film have already become hits. The music is composed by Arun Muraleedharan with lyrics by Manu Ranjith and the song is sung by Vineeth Sreenivasan.

As it is Vishu-Easter time and school exams are over, the film will have a lot of support from people including children. Of course, ‘Anugraheethan Antony’ can turn into a fun experience that falls between covid and the election.