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Actors: Arun Pandiyan, Keerthi Pandiyan



Cast - Arun Pandian, Keerthi Pandian
Production - A&P Groups
Movement - Gokul
Music by - Javed Riaz
Release Date - 5 March 2021
Time - 2 hours 5 minutes
Rating - 3.25 / 5

Helen movie released in Malayalam in 2019 has been remade in Tamil as Anbirkiniyal. A story that fits any language, given it like the original without any damage.

Gokul, who directed Kashmora Films, is the director of the film. He has no challenging job since it is a remake film. He has done his duty as a director in bringing that excitement and feeling, just like in the original.

Dad Arunpandian, who is an LIC agent. Daughter Keerthi Pandian wants to go to Canada to work as a nurse and pay off her father's debt. Works in a restaurant in a mall. Passing the IELTS exam to go to Canada also confirms the job. In this situation, one day he gets stuck in the freezer room where the chicken is kept in the restaurant. Father Arun Pandian searches for missing daughter. The police, dad and boyfriend start searching for the missing Keerthi. The rest of the film is about how they know Keerthi is trapped and whether Keerthi has escaped or not.

Arun Pandian is back in cinema after a gap of several years. He has naturally acted as a father from a middle class family. In real life, father and daughter are the ones who act as father and daughter on screen, so their affection and acting is natural.

Keerthi Pandian had earlier acted in the film Thumba. He did not have the right character in the film. In this film, acting has become a character that can be expressed. He is using it properly. Keerthi has won the love of the fans by falling in love with her father, fighting to go with her boyfriend and getting stuck in the freezing cold.

Praveen Raja as Keerthi Pandian's boyfriend. Although not much work, he is making good use of the opportunity. Ravindra Vijay as a little arrogant sub-inspector. Many police characters may come looking for him. Adinath Sasi, who has acted as Etta, is praised as a good-natured cop.

The background music is important for a film with such a thrilling screenplay. Javed Riaz has realized it and composed the music. An hour-long film moves through the freezer room. Art director Jayachandran and cinematographer Mahesh Muthusamy played a key role in shaping it.

Character design and star selection are the main factors that make this film enjoyable. Compared to the Malayalam Helen film, they have given the original without any flaws. Fans who want to see different pictures can watch freely.

LIC Arun Pandian is working as an agent. Her only daughter Keerthi Pandian has completed a nursing course and is trying to go to Canada to work to pay off her father's debt. Meanwhile, Keerthi Pandian is working part time at a chicken hub.

Meanwhile Praveen falls in love with Raja without his father knowing. At one point, their love for Arun Pandian is revealed and he becomes depressed. Realizing his father's grief, he stays at the Chicken Hub for the night.

Then unexpectedly he gets stuck in the cooling room. The rest of the film is about how Keerthi Pandian finally came out of the cooling room.

After a long hiatus, Arun Pandian has re-entered for his own daughter Keerthi Pandian. He has expressed his experiential acting and body language. He feels affection for his daughter and the suffering that ensues after her disappearance. He buys applause as he approaches the police at the police station.

Keerthi Pandian has got the lead role in the second film after Thumba. Love has realized the character and is making a full contribution. Asara also keeps on acting frantically and getting stuck in the cooling room and struggling scenes.

Praveen Raj, who will be Keerthi Pandian's boyfriend, has shown natural acting. Ravindra Vijay as SI, Bhupathi Raja as chicken shop manager, Jayaraj as mall security and Adinath Sasi as Etta have all done their job perfectly. Director Gokul is awkward in acting, even when it comes to a scene.

Director Gokul has remade the hit Malayalam movie 'Helen' in Tamil. This is the fifth film he has directed after 'Routhiram', 'This is what you wished for Balakumara', 'Kashmora' and 'Junga'. Require individual talent to run remake film. The nature of the story does not change and the screenplay moves briskly. He is giving all the characters a chance to score.

Music and background by composer Javed Riaz is a big strength of the film. His music is a great help to the screenplay flow. Cinematographer Mahesh Muthusamy looks at the cooling room from different angles.