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Actors: Biju Menon, Parvathy Thiruvottu, Sharafudeen



'Aarkkariyam' The movie starring Biju Menon and Parvathy in the lead roles is going to make a big impact in the recent Malayalam cinema. The stories of recent Malayalam cinema are made by combining new emotional evolutions with realistic conditions. Screenplays that created superheroes are beginning to make their way into more human life. Therefore, an actor has to change his lead role and glamor to act in life-affirming films. Here Biju Menon has done it in the most natural and beautiful way.

The characters played by Parvathy Thiruvoth and Biju Menon will probably remain in the Kerala society forever in the form of immortal characters in novels or short stories through such relevant films. ‘Aarkkariyam’ will only pass if a great intimacy is left within the audience. It ends perfectly calmly and peacefully. As a representative of a generation eager to move forward, that figure fills Mash with gentle proximity.

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There is an experience where the film and the inner joy of the audience are reconciled. That experience is like what some literary works leave behind. In the old days, there was a beautiful romantic atmosphere left by Biju Menon in 'Mazha' and 'Meghamalhar'. One that is still secretly cherished by a generation. The Juice of Imperfection As an actor, he excels at acting. This state of being without dramas is transforming this actor into another synonym of acting perfection.

'Arkariyam' is a film based on the life of a Malayalee. Every character in it is like that. The story begins with Mash and his daughter Shirley. Inside his lonely home in Kanjirapally, he finds himself alone in the silence of a new world created by Kovid. Her daughter and husband Roy are getting there. A lot happens when they move from their busy life in Mumbai to the atmosphere of Kerala.

But their arrival is not accidental, a mystery is hidden inside it. A secret is haunting the movie without stopping. And the audience. A secret known only to the cast is passed on from one person to another, and new things happen. This incident influences the course of the story itself.

The possibility of creating details of an incident in Roy and Itiyavara adds to the mystery of the story. The story also hides an indirect narrative of the extent of the impact of certain events on the individual's life.

‘Aarkkariyam’, which fully explores the possibilities of a family film, corrects the presentation style of conventional films. The plot of the story takes place in the atmosphere created by covid's situation. That too greatly enhances the relevance of the film.

One of the highlights of Biju Menon's acting career is 'Aarkkariyam'. At the age of seventy-five, he was able to easily become the character of Ittiyavara. Here, Biju Menon has taken another aspect of his acting talent by adopting the character's character in acting, sitting and gestures.

Parvathy played the lead role and performed her role magnificently. Another strong presence was announced by Sharafuddin. Sharafuddin was breaking up as Roy. All the other characters presented their own parts in a way that was most inappropriate for the film. The possibilities of technically perfect cinematography are also magnificently used in cinema.

Sanu John Varghese, who has directed a number of films, has made his directorial debut. The camera of the film is moved by Srinivasa Reddy.

'Arkariyam' is produced by Santosh T Kuruvila and Aashiq Abu. The film is scripted by Rajesh Ravi and Arun Janardhanan along with director Sanu John Varghese. Of course, 'Who Knows' will be even more notable as the best screenplay. Mahesh Narayanan's editing excellence should be highlighted at this stage.

Music by Neha Iyer and Yakshan Gary Perera will also be featured. The music and visuals appropriate to the background of the film help to make the story a more realistic experience on screen. The director has managed to bring the landscape of Kottayam and Idukki districts and the way of life that was repeated in the old Malayalam movies.

'Aarkkariyam' will be discussed more in the world of Malayalam cinema in the days to come and the artistic value beyond its commercial value will be discussed. There is a closeness to the awful silence in the frame left by Padmarajan or Bharathan. The fact that it has been experienced for a long time is another feature of 'Arkariyam'.

The message of these films to the film world is that new directors are moving towards more fictional films. 'Aarkkariyam' is also an example of the gradual heroic prominence and superstar status that evolve over time and the film grows to more independent levels.