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7 is a Telugu and Tamil language thriller drama. It is a thriller film cinematographed and directed by Nizar Shafifor.

Actors: Havish, Rahman, Nandita Swetha, Regina Cassandra.

7 (Seven)

7 (Seven)

7 is a Telugu and Tamil language thriller drama. It is a thriller film cinematographed and directed by Nizar Shafifor. Bank rolled by Sri Green Productions. Havish Playing the lead role, Rahman playing the role of a police officer with Nandita Swetha and Regina Cassandra, portraying the leading female characters.


Release date: 5 June 2019
Running time: 117 minutes
Country: India
Language: Telugu  & Tamil

7 (Seven) Cast and Crew

Directed by: Nizar Shafi

Produced by:

Ramesh Varma
Kiran Talasila

Written by: 
Nizar Shafi
Ramesh Varma


Nandita Swetha
Regina Cassandra 
Pujita Ponnada
Tridha Choudhury 
Anisha Ambrose 
Aditi Arya

Music by: Chaityan Bharadwaj

Cinematography: Nizar Shafi
Edited by: Praveen K.L
Production company: Sri Green Productions
Distributed by: Abhishek Pictures

Seven Movie Review

The relationship between one Man and Six women is oneliner of the 'Seven' film.

Nandita Sveta complains to police officer Rahuman that her husband Karthi (hero-havish) is missing in the first scene. She describes how romantic the bloom and the marriage took place. Through it the movie begins to travel through the story.

Havish and Nandita Swetha are working in an IT company. There is love between the two. Both begin to live in the same house. After a little conviction, Havish leaves Nandhidha.

When Nandhi describes this story, the police officer Rahuman comes to know that Karthik is a fraudster. Anisha Ambrose also complained that her husband Havish did not find the same story that Nandita had said.

When Rahman enquires the case another information, the cousin in Hyderabad also reported that her husband Havish was missing. Rukman finds that Havish is cheated three women. He searches for Havish. Who is Havish, and answers these questions as to whether he really cheated on these women were the second half of the film.

Director Nisar Shabi has written a story about a male and a six female center. Interesting when listening to the story. But there is no clarity in the story. The first half moves like a love story in Nan avan illai. The ghost image during the break. After that, the film turns into a thriller and ends with a revenge movie. Director Nisar Shabi has been trying to show all these things in the same film. This film is new for the Tamil fans.

The central character of the film is Regina Cassandra who is Saraswati. A roll like almost a battalion. Though like Ramya Krishnan is not too much, like Simran, Regina threatened. She loves to be a beautiful angel.

Ram, after the hit of Thuruvangal Pathinaaru, like a police officer, as Rahman comes in the memory of the directors. That's also a police officer. He has done better than usual.

Nandita Swetha, Anisha Amroz, Aditya Arya, Trita Chowdhury, Bijitha Ponnadu are coming in a number of scenes as beautiful queens. Nandita and Anisha draw attention. Anisha's performance in particular is great.

Saraswathi grandmother is more attracted to us than all of them. Their villains are unlikely to get unimpeded. But she does not seem to feel sorry or laughing at her character. No matter how grandmother is, the film's beauty.

Songs of Chaitan Bharadwaj are the best of all the songs. Playing music also helps thrilling the movie. Director Nisar Shafi has done the film's cinematography. So every frame is carved. Editing is interesting too.

Seven is a mixture of lots of films that we have seen in Tamil as Shankar. Large logic holes overflow in the film. Regina, who is in mental health care, how come out so soon ?, revenge on Hawish, go to police, and why do those women take a risk? There are lots of questions that hang in.

Love, Grimm, Thriller, Revenge is a mixed picture, giving a new feel in 'Seven'.

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