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20 Dressless Days of Amalapaul - News


Amala paul Aadai movie, Aadai movie tamilrockers, Amalapaul had been acted for almost 20 days without a dress for her upcoming film Aadai.

20 Dressless Days of Amalapaul

20 Dressless Days : Amalapaul 

It has been revealed that Amalapaul had been acted for almost 20 days without a dress. The Aadai film starring Amala Paul, directed by Ratna Kumar, who directed the film Meyada Man, which was a silent hit. In last year's First Look Poster, Amalapaul was dressed the body with toilet paper, and wounded. It was widely talked about among fans. 

The teaser of the film was released yesterday. The teaser begins with scenes where a mother is looking for her daughter, and finally, there are scenes of Amalapaul being naked.

In the posters of the film, there are photos of Amalapal being undressed in body with no injuries. It has been revealed that she has played many nude scenes in the film. It is said that no leading actress has played such a scene in Tamil film history.

The film, which has been certified by the audit committee, is likely to have a lot of dressless footage of Amalapaul. It has been reported that Amalapal has been without dress for nearly 20 days.

Netizans appreciate this bravery of Amalapal. Filmstars including Samantha have also congratulated Amalapaul. 

The teaser within few hours of release reached a record number of millions. The Aadai teaser for big heroes has garnered a lot of attention among fans.

The film-crew says the film is about individual freedom and self-discipline. Amala Paul has acted in many scenes, not only in these scenes, but also in a bike riding fight. The film is said to be an important part of Amalapaul's career

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