Tamilrockers were the leading piracy website in tamilnadu that releases the pirated versions of tamil, telugu, hindi, hollywood movies on internet. They were causing serious effects on tamil cinema industry. Anti-piracy and police had taken many valiant moves, but they were failed miserably. The main reason for the failure is the antagonist without an identity. It is really a challenging one. Their website got blocked on one day, the very next day they host another website. Tamilrockers were administered by the admins from foreign country that make the Indian tracker devices a hard time. It is almost unable to track the exact position of them. They were also using the modern technologies by which one can hide their ip address and the other details about them. 

Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane's Sacret games, Netflix tv series leaked on the tamilrockers. After this issue Sunny Leone decided to run her biopic movie called Karemjit Kaur on the same Netflix tv, which also got leaked on tamilrockers. Before this event tamilrockers also leaked the Geetha Govindham, Vishwaroopam 2, kaala on the websites with HD print.

They also change their domain names periodically to make them tougher and to avoid getting arrested.
The directors and producer of Singham 3 warned not to release the movie on the online sites. The team on twitter tweeted that the service will be in full swing at the time of movie release. 


Tamilrockers .be

(From Jul 6)

Tamilrockers .pm

(From Jul 28)

Tamilrockers .ws

(From Aug 11)

Tamilrockers .lu

(From Sep 6)

Tamilrockers .la

(From Sep 27)

Tamilrockers .ac

(From Nov 25)


Other domains used by Tamilrockers site over a long periods that were blocked by the government.


People were very much waited for the announcement of the new link via the social media. In august they used the website called The website is blocked by the anti-piracy but it can be viewed from another proxy server and other VPN applications. It is only blocked for Tamil Nadu users, not the website got blocked.
Actor Vishal, along with Tamil Nadu Film Producers Committee and the police joined hands together to destroy the piracy. In July the information we got is that the police had arrested 5 members including 2 admins of the websites. Although the report is hard to believe police released many details about them. The police and TFPC thought that they had successfully killed piracy.

They also blocked 69 websites that actively involved in piracy. They also filed cases against 60+ websites that contains pirated contents. 93 cable piracy cases and 18 theatres involved in piracy. Totally 19 arrests in the month of June, that does not end the piracy there. It did fueled them up. 

Tamilrockers after this on a movie release day they used 4 domains such as changed to, and that showed their ability and desire and motto to release the movies on the very first day.


TFPC has already attacking against the tamilrockers and bringing down their success, as they recently deleted 12000 links of Rajinikanth starrer Kaala from numerous website and social media platform. But it already does its job. Maharastra Anti -piracy department also blocked almost 30 websites over a period of 3 months. This shows us how the piracy hit the Hindi films. Padmavat, Sanju were the movies got leaked by the tamilrockers and other piracy sites that really affects the box office collections miserably. Padmavat was listing number 1 for the movies that got the huge number of shares.


The war between the Actor Vishal and the tamilrockers was the interesting phase in this piracy issue. Vishal was the first one who make out a voice against the piracy and tamilrockers, there starts the problem. Tamilrockers become the man of words but Vishal has never converted his words into action, was not his fault. He was made failed by tamilrockers in every steps of his life. However Vishal made him a least popular person to a most popular person in cinema industry, just because of this piracy. He might have looked for a publicity when he first interferes on the thiruttu VCD shop during the release of Poojai movie. Then he continued the same for all his movies. On one instinct it may result him a positive response from the people, but people were more intelligent than him they showed their negative responses in the last few years. He gained the audience towards him also the tamilrockers that hurt him a lot.


He had been in several word wars with the tamilrockers, they replied him in their trademark way of releasing movies on the first day of the show. We may ask they were doing it for all? What’s the special in case of Vishal? They planned well and set things on fire. Vishal warned them before the release of Thupparivalan, an action, thriller movie where Vishal played the role of a detective identifying the antagonists who he has never seen ever. Coming back to the content, tamilrockers made a reply in the social media twitter that the movie would be released by tamilrockers before one hour of the actual release.


After the release tamilrockers also made a tweet that Thupparivalan was the first movie to touch 15000 downloads in 18 hours period. They thanked Thupparivalan Vishal for this achievement sarcastically.


Many directors and producers had made their comments on tamilrockers. Most of them warned tamilrockers to do whatever you need! But will be handcuffed within 6 months. The time period has ended also 19 arrests were made but the piracy or tamilrockers was not ended. Then who were the 19 persons they arrested, they said that these are the admins of tamilrockers and tamilgun and other people who working for them. That doesn’t find appealing. The arrests did not stopped the piracy that makes the statement that the admin of tamilrockers is still there and he was doing all the damages.

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