Who is Admin of TamilRockers

Who is Admin of TamilRockers

Tamilrockers - What admin do? Where he is now?

Why government, police, cyber crimes cannot stop TamilRockers

Why government, police, cyber crimes cannot stop TamilRockers

Tamilrockers - Why? What is secret beyond this? Why no one caught TamilRockers?

History of TamilRockers

History of TamilRockers

Tamilrockers - Past untold story of TamilRockers


Tamilrockers is the piracy website that play tom and jerry with the Tamil, Telugu and Bollywood industries. What they actually do is they get the pirated or original prints from the distributors or someone in the film crew for paid money and also they can get them by hacking the web. Then they publish it on to their sites on or after the movie release. Some movies were available for live streaming with the help of their links on their webpages and some movies can be downloaded directly from it. They not only update the new releases but also the evergreen hit movies, Hollywood movies, movie teasers, trailers, movie songs etc.


In the city of Coimbatore, one educated jobless man arrived. He searched for jobs and does not get one. Dejected and joined a shop where the CD, DVD cassettes were sold. The Tamil, Hollywood and Hindi films were sold by that particular shop. On working, he watched and analysed everything around there. The movie cassettes contain the new Tamil movies that arrived there after one week to ten days of movie release.

He then started his own shop and started selling the CDs. He noted one thing, that the new movie cassettes are sold in many numbers comparing the other cassettes. Then with that business he is successful, then he is a computer science student by education he knows how to operate the laptop and other internet related contents. He first copied and uploaded the pirated CD prints in to the website that he hosted. He was succeeded with it and follows up to the next level. He hacked many web stored contents with the help of his friends and got the pirated versions of the movie prints on the very first day of release.

Now-a-days he is more advanced as he is releasing the movie on the pirated website like tamilrockers hours before the movie actually hitting the theatre screens. This creates sleepless nights for the movie producers. Various steps were taken by the police and the anti-piracy squad in stopping them. They have blocked almost 69 websites that leak the pirated versions of movie prints, most of them were used by tamilrockers. If the government block one website they start hosting another one within few minutes, this creates a menace for the filmmakers as well as the police. They were hiding their location and also using it from the other nations, so the anti-piracy could not able to trace them properly. So it seems really hard for the police to trace out and identify them. Also they were the people behind the masks and it is almost impossible to identify the person without any info.



Anti-piracy department has stated that the tamilrockers as the online store or market for the Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam pirated version movies. At the time of the Premam release, the sensor copy is leaked through the piracy website tamilrockers and they are issued to the subscribed users for Rs 50 per download. Then they again repeat the same in case of Oru Vadakkan Selfie, earns lakhs for the piracy sites – Varghese Babu cyber forensic consultant.

The Police has taken various steps regarding this and started to closely observe the piracy sites to put an end to this success story of tamilrockers. Then they found that the tamilrockers website is hosted by a U.S- based server. But there is no information about the owners and admins of the tamilrockers website. Tamilrockers website not only adds up money to its administrators and the owners but also to other higher people in the society, without their help this is not an easy job.

The crime department had the motto to find out the real identities behind the mask tamilrockers. For that they put up an agency of agents to find out the tamirockers crew. Investigations were carried out on some leads, but end up with nothing. Again they got another lead that one of the tamilrockers website admins is using up the Sri Lankan IP address. Tamilrockers primarily uploads a theatre print on the date of movie release followed by the replacement of it by a HD DVD versions.

Tamilrockers were earning money through the ads that popped up on the screens of their page. Per click on these ads earns them a respectable amount in total. Then the investigations were done on the basis of tracking the payment from the ad companies and by tracing the address of the beneficiaries to find out the piracy rackets behind this.

As Police said that they have arrested 5 persons regarding this piracy and the major statement is 3 of them were working for tamilrockes. One among them is the admin of tamilrockers and tamilgun websites. There by the Police confirmed the arrests of the piracy members also said that they have successfully handled all the properties such as laptops, headphones that were used for piracy. The arrested persons were from the native of Tirunelveli and Vellore arrested at Thiruvananthapuram and handovered to the Tamil Nadu state Police department. Police also stated that they have blocked 69 websites that leak the pirated versions of the movie online, in July 2018.

After this incident tamilrockers website is blocked and they were unavailable for few days. Like before they returned with a bang and revenged back by releasing several movies before the release of the movie on the screens. That shocked the entire Tamil and Telugu film industries. The leak of Geetha Govindham, Vijay Devarakonda starrer was the major leak of the month followed by Seemaraja in Tamil, U-Turn in Tamil. This shows us how powerful the tamilrockers are. After this incident the tamilrockers were again blocked. Now the people were waiting for it’s return. However they will return when a new movie is released, but people needed to know their new domain. This is what getting trended in the social medias like twitter. People slowly becoming the audience of the tamilrockers and people were behind the tamilrockers in this particular time.

Let us wait and watch what are the new updates about tamilrockers in the coming months.