Tamilrockers were already ruling the Tamil cinema industry for almost over a year. The producers were having the sleepless nights and it seems a menace among the cinema industry. Though the directors were not affected because most of the overrated directors were just copycats, so they need not worry about piracy. Somehow some of the new directors with new story or some directors who were spending their whole life to make a film is gonna affected by this piracy. Some directors were doing movie for commercialisation but others for glory. The art in cinema lost its glory, when commercialisation hit the Tamil cinema. Directors need to make movies for people’s sake not for filling up their box offices.

Director Myyskin, director of Savarakathi had admitted that the film is a good film and he is not gonna beg the audience to watch the movie on theatre screen and also added that they can watch the movie on any piracy sites, he mentioned the tamilrockers could do its job, they can do their job. He ended up saying that watching movies on the theatre give you a happiness. Watched Sivaji Ganeshan, MGR movies in his childhood that’s the reason he is now happy. He is in great disappointment as he has been already teased by tamilrockers during the Thupparivalan release. The movie Thupparivalan released two hours before hitting the theatre scenes as said by tamilrockers. Vishal’s warning to tamilrockers is the real reason for that advanced leakage. Tamilrockers had also stated that Thupparivalan makes the large number of downloads within 18 hours.

Another director who suffered a lot was Abbas Akbar, director of Chennai 2 Singapore movie. The movie hit the screens last year and leaked by Tamil rockers on the very next day. Abbas Akbar contact the tamilrockers admin through the forum and send a heart melting request to the admins. He said that the film Chennai 2 Singapore was the work and dedication of many years. There was many hardwork and efforts put behind this film. So please remove the movie for atleast 30 days and can upload it on the very 31st day, that helped them very much in the box office. Tamilrockers accepted the directors heartfelt message and take out the movie from the list. It has been posted after one year. This shows the positive side of the tamilrockers that they were doing it purposely against some big names in the Kollywood industry.



Director is someone who coordinates or direct others to a specific goal. Film director is one who directs and coordinates the actor, cameraman, co actors etc. (entire film unit) towards the goal of making a film. He should want to look after the cast, cameraman, guiding the technicians, assistants etc. The film director is the backbone of the entire crew. He should be tiredless, enthusiastic, sportive, and should have good leadership capability as he need to control the entire unit. He should also have good communicating skills and should know several languages so that they can interact with other members of the crew. Director has the important role of choosing the actors and co-actors wisely and other crew members, production, designers.

The film director should need to be well known with the production facilities and budget of the film, as he should not jump beyond the limits. He should give directions to the cast members and also should narrate the story to the actors in an understandable way. This might help the cast members in giving their best acting and emotions.

The screenplay or the script is the main content in the film making as the writer or screenwriter does this job. He will produce the screenplay which includes the story, dialogues, comics and other sentimental scenes. Here what the director does is after reading out the screenplay he can make changes to it. Also he makes or guides the actors to act according to the screen play. He is the one who can make changes to the written screen play on a particular scene if he need to add some sentiment to the particular sequence.

He could also enquire the costume designers before the selection and also can change if he thought that it doesn’t going to work well on a particular shot in a movie. The director is one who control the entire film making sequences. The main motto of the direction work is to make the actors and the co-actors in making out the script into an emotion filled sequence that must be enjoyed by the audience.

The another job of the director is after completion of the shoots, he need to view the editors copy and he can make the changes to the particular sequences. When a film is shoot down it might be in several small scenes and it must be compiled into one long film. In that process several scenes are omitted, such omission is made by the director and the editor themselves, also the actor might be there in some movies.

There may be many ways to become a director. Some may become film director by attending the film school. Some may start their career as cinematographer, actor, storywriter and turn themselves as director when they become mature on that particular field. 

Some film directors may compose the music for their films. Some even act in the movie that he is directing that seems tougher. Some directors themselves produce the movie.

Some outstanding directors of Tamil cinema were the following,

K. Balachander

He was one of the most popular and prominent directors. He potrays women as a powerful character and also he made some movies on social issues too. Apoorva Ragangal, Sindhu Bairavi, Roja were the greatest plays set by him. He passed away on December 2014.


Shankar is the tremendous director Kollywood has ever seen, he is famous for his creativity level and graphics. Director in Kollywood to produce big budget films. 20th century films by Shankar was better than this million dollar projects. Anyhow he had taken the tamil cinema to a next level.